Check…Check…We gotta hot mic here…Hot mic!

Testing one, two, testing!

Here we go, folks, the first post with a chapter update. Woot woot! 

(So, do people get an update when I post a chapter, or do you only know about new chapters when I do a new post like this?  I’m still using my WordPress training wheels.)

As usj, my thanks goes out to kjwrit for helping me with this new site.  As of next week, I’ll have several days off and the entire house to myself, so you can guess what I’ll be doing.  Laundry?  Psht.  Baking?  Right.  Scrapbooking?  Please. 

How about a a trip down Sexy Lane in the Sexington district of Sexopolis (Read: Writing about Eric and Sookie)? 

Thaaaaaat sounds aces. 

Pretty Kitty- Chapter 55


7 comments on “Check…Check…We gotta hot mic here…Hot mic!

  1. Only get the update from WordPress when you post like this. Otherwise I’ll just be stalking for new chapters ;D

  2. So glad to see you on here! I’ve had a blog on here for months but I’m so technologically challenged that I haven’t ever really got it up and running! Do you have any tips on posting new chapters under the correct story? I have a home page and then I have a separate page for my story, but when I try to post a new chapter it goes under my home page instead of the story page. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • ficlit78 says:

      Oh, you’re looking at the wroooooong girl. I’m even worse with technology! Kjwrit set up my site, so she’s the rockstar whose brain you wanna pick. She can do it all. Good luck!

    • You have to post the stuff you want to organize as a “page.” On the right of the page where you are editing a page, there’s a thing that says “parent.” Select the “parent” of the chapter (probably the story’s home page). Then where it says order, put in the number of the chapter so that it’s keeping count that way. Make sense? “Posts” are just issued by date, so it’s hard to organize them. Once you get a handle on pages, they are easier.

  3. Ear worm: “Won’t you take me to–Sexy-town? Won’t you take me to–Sexy-town?
    missingjasamalways is right–we get “alerts” only when there are “posts” sent. Why? Because not even WordPress is perfect. Sigh. I’ve just gotten in the habit of doing a post right after a page every time. It adds an extra step, but oh well.
    I can’t wait for more PK (set in Sexy-town).

  4. New posts = notices, pages (chapters) don’t.


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