Christ, I suck.

I’m a horrible, horrible person.  I owe you so much more than this sad little chapter.  I’ve been away on an extended working vacation and I’ve had almost zero private time.  I should be done with this beast by now now! And I don’t even have any nekkid pictures of ASkars to offer you, though I’m sure my many buddies would add some, just to make us all feel better.  Just know that I love you.  Fer reals.

Chapter 57


8 comments on “Christ, I suck.

  1. Karin says:

    You don’t suck. In fact, you unsuck. I don’t care if you update once every six months, just don’t leave the story unfinished. Please. If that happened, you would suck. Life gets busy and you’re writing for love and for free. We get a new chapter when we get it and be it six days, six weeks, or six months, I’ll nom nom it up.

  2. msbuffy says:

    Woman, you are just too damn funny! You most certainly do not suck! You know that we would all read this story if it took you 10 years to finish it! We all have busy, messy lives and things get in the way of what we would really rather do, so don’t sweat it! We love you!

  3. 888spike says:

    Yay! Back with a bang. Awesome chapter. Don’t worry, we all suck at times 😛
    You write, I’ll wait

  4. LauraZ says:

    Yay, for updates! But seriously, what the others said about not sweatin’ the time between updates.
    I am so excited to finally know what this little Adam fella’s arrival is going to be like , though. Will Sookie have magical light shooting from her girlie bits? Will Adam poof from the profetic womb? Will Eric be forced to tear her uterus open with his fangs?

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