Jeez, Louise!

Yo, Peeps!


Before I get everyone’s hopes up, I confess there’s no chappie today, just good old-fashioned gob smackedness.

Three of my pieces were up for awards, all of which were up against 10-odd other stories that I did expect in any way to beat.  Then last night I found out that I nabbed four.  Here they are….  I still half-think I’m hallucinating them.

pretty-kitty-ficlit78-mr-january-1st-place  pretty-kitty-ficlit78-the-alan-ball-award-3rd-place

Pretty Kitty won Best Lemons of all the smut-riddled land that is our fandom?  And third place for Best Rewrite of True Blood?  Out of the gajillion other awesome stories out there?  Are you for serious?


And then there’s THIS craziness….

five-as-agreed-upon-ficlit78-the-alan-ball-award-1st-place    five-as-agreed-upon-ficlit78-best-of-the-best-2nd-place

Five, As Agreed Upon WON Best Rewrite of True Blood?  And then placed second in THE BEST-FREAKING ALL-TIME FAVORITE STORY?  RIGHT AFTER ALL IN?  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?


All I can say is that I’m amazed.  And brought so low by awe that I cannot begin to thank you for my share of the 77,000+ votes placed.  That’s incredible.  With these four little icons, my readers have told me that they love my plot, they love my smut, and they love my take on a world that captured our imaginations enough to write tens of thousands of sheets of paper between us.

I have only written four stories.  My fellow nominees have written dozens.  Epic ones.  And yet, my small collection somehow garnered some of the most coveted trophies.  It makes me wish I lived on a desert island, furnished with only a wet bar, a modem, and a hammock.  I would do nothing but watch high-end TV and write.

Meanwhile, I’m in a poorly-heated house in the dead of the Southern Hemisphere winter, running in heels and trying to keep peanut butter and glitter off my work suits.  I have about two hours a day to myself, most of which are spent as a lifeless lump in front of the tube, too exhausted to even change the channel, much less drag my ass over to the pooter to write.  But somehow, that is exactly what I’ll do.  I’ll finish this bitch, goddammit, and when I do, I hope I start another one.  And another.  Until I’m 60 years old and I finally have half the stories of Kjwrit or California Kat.  Just you watch.

I love you guys.  You make those two hours feel full of possibility.









20 comments on “Jeez, Louise!

  1. Jackie69 says:

    Super happy for your well deserved awards !! Take care

  2. sexyviking says:

    I feel a little guilty that you are so surprised since I read your stuff – and sometimes re-read it since I really love how you write. I am terrible about posting feedback and wish I had done more of it so you would have a better idea of appreciated you are and how well your work stacks up! You are so in the same category as the writers you mentioned in this post. You are inventive and have taken characters we love and made them better and taken them places we don’t expect. You make it worth the time to read your stories and leave people wanting more. Five, as agreed upon – for one. I want that one to go on forever and yet it is perfect. So I hope you do find some free time to write since I am greedy for more and more – but as a woman, I can relate to your current situation and hope you get some free time to take a nap or meet the girls for lunch! And I am grateful for the time you take out of your life to write!

  3. Well done! Much deserved!!

  4. You deserve all of these and more. Congrats!

  5. meridiean says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! You truly deserve those wins and many, many more!! KUDOS!!

  6. valleystitcher says:

    Congratulations. I would vote for your stories everyday. It is so special when a new chapter comes in. I love your mind, and all the little asides, humor, and sweet, sweet stories.

  7. Roxybird114 says:

    Congrats! You deserve them! Now to throw your words back at you as you said to Kjwrit (paraphrased of course), “Now quit your job and divorce your family and get to writing”. Or something like that. 😀

  8. gyllene says:

    Congrats!!! You deserve the wins and it doesn’t matter how many stories you’ve written because all of yours are awesome!

  9. redjane12 says:

    Congratulations on very deserved praise and awards! Pretty Kitty for its many qualities and tonal range (makes me laugh, cry, get angry, get flustered…), epic length and ambition is in a special place together with a few other amazing stories… a classic really!

  10. FairytaleAmber says:

    The tales that you weave are fabulous! I came across them when I was on bed rest for many months and you and this fandom made me laugh and cheer when I was unsure of my baby’s future. Thank you! P.S. I had a healthy baby girl! Thank you for keeping my feet up 🙂

  11. dswancanada says:

    ‘ looking forward to following you well into ‘our’ sixties! please, maintain all of your outstanding and distinctive styles, subjects and qualities–in your long-term writing career!

  12. msbuffy says:

    You know we love you & you deserve each & every award! You rock, girl. Congratulations, my friend, on all of your well deserved wins! Hey! Since I’m already quite close to my 60’s, please make it quick on the writing! By the time you get there, I probably won’t be able to read anymore! Congrats again! Love all your stories & they are classics!

  13. efd61 says:

    Hey, I’m an avid reader of FF (SVM/TB only), I read almost everything that count and finished (that’s why I hav’nt read “pretty kitty” yet) and I have to tell you that “five, as agreed upon” is a MASTERPIECE and well deserve winning. You have a talent and now you know it! Keep going (hey “pretty kitty” is on my waiting list for years… 😀), but truly, I’m very much understand your situation and just hope you find some time to yourself.

  14. BecomingPartII says:

    Well deserved!! I have to say, while there is plenty of good smut in this fandom, your stories are the BEST at creating true to character relationships between Sookie and Eric that give us what we want and make sense within the world of the show. Keep at it!
    – BecomingPartII

  15. gwynwyvar says:

    Big Congrats! Hope you don’t melt. And I’ll bounce around like a fan girl when the next Pretty Kitty comes out 🙂 Although maybe that mental image isn’t a good motivator.
    Umm. .. I’ll, umm, do a silent internal happy dance. With a nice silent ‘squeeee’ face… yes, that’s a much safer image 🙂

    Thanks again for the great stories. (Can’t count how many time I’ve read ‘five’, sooo good!) And another big congrats on the wins 🙂

  16. georgiasuzy says:

    Yep, you deserved it! But then we kinda put you in a spot, didn’t we, cuz now ya feel obligated to write more. Mwahaha our plan is working!

  17. Carol says:

    Heather, YOUR
    Stories AND were grat. Ioved them. I
    Hope nyou continueon

  18. Carol says:

    My fingers are too big foor this keyboard, please forgive my misvues I hope you continuenyour writing, , becakuse you are funny and poignant and important to me

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