Plagiarism for Profit

To my dearest virtual friends…

I’m so angry right now that I can barely write. Two weeks ago, a reader informed me that an author over in Vampire Diaries had lifted some of my work from Pretty Kitty and rewritten it into their own (horrible) story. I messaged and confronted them, and the work was promptly taken down.

It got me thinking…how often is my work plagiarized? So I Googled a few lines of my stuff, just to see what would come up… and I found something that made me sick.

Someone named Alexandra Anthony is SELLING my work in her own books called The Vampire Destiny series. You can buy them on Amazon and B&N, for fuck’s sake. I’ve written to the author directly through Facebook and told her to delete my work from her stuff before I contact Amazon and B&N, but honestly, the stuff is already out there.

Can anyone BELIEVE that someone had the fucking gall to steal my work and SELL it?

Here’s a (HUGE) excerpt:

“His hands reached for me again, gathering me in his arms and standing us up. He held my thighs across both of his forearms. My hips were splayed wide open above his pulsing cock, causing an unbearable need to rush over my body like it was the first time we’d made love. My hands clasped his shoulders and I moaned in delicious expectation as I waited for him to plunge himself inside me again.

Stefan didn’t make me wait. He never did.

“More,” he demanded, lowering me gently over him. Tears of exhaustion pricked at my eyes, leaving me to rest my heavy head in the crook of his neck. Once again my poor body instinctively responded, eager for more of him. My weary muscles welcomed him weakly. It was shocking how wet I was for him, and he met no resistance as he filled me up until we were joined once again.

How did he do this to me? How could I possibly want him more than I did before?

“Stefan…” I moaned out his name in reverence against his throat. My lips brushed against the softness of his skin, reveling in the sensation.

Sensing my fatigue, he chose a gentle pace this time, slowly lifting and lowering me, teasing him with me. He pulled out completely, only to thrust back in until I cried out. I had no control or strength, yet I managed to contract and clench my inner muscles around him. Rubbing my aching nipples against his chest, I nibbled gently on his earlobe. “My beautiful man,” I whispered distractedly.

“You are exquisitely perfect, Josephine,” he whispered raggedly. “There will never be anyone for me except you. You know this.”

His soft words filled me with my own smug pride. Nibbling my teeth against his cheek, I headed down his face to kiss his fangless mouth.

“I still never get tired of hearing it,” I murmured. Swirling my hips, I bent him in a tight circle, shamelessly coaxing his sharp fangs to come out and play with me.

He felt my intention, my desire for his bite crystal clear. “No,” he rebuked playfully. “You won’t break me, vackra. Your blood destroys my self-control.”

“You won’t hurt me,” I countered teasingly, swirling him again and again deep inside me. “Let’s see if I can bring you to your knees.”

He laughed at my bravado and gripped my ass, stopping my circles and slowing the pace. “Ah, someone is feeling confident. Prove it,” he rasped deeply as he stroked harder inside of me, crushing my bold assumptions.

Moaning, I gave up and clutched his arms, letting him take me harder than before. He was never one to back away from a challenge and he was determined to prove me wrong.

Feeling my surrender, his pace quickened further with excitement. “Morgonen är här. Kom med mig.”

His words caused me to fall helplessly with him into the abyss, vaguely hearing him shout as he emptied himself deep inside me for the countless time that night. Shuddering against him yet again, I helplessly melted against him.

My eyes heavy, I felt the bed rush up to meet us. Had he placed us there or had we finally collapsed, simply falling over from sheer exhaustion? Honestly, I had no way of knowing. I simply crumpled along with him, unbelievably wanting more, yet physically unable to even lift my head.

Shattered and drained, we fell asleep, tangled together in the covers and each other’s arms.

Twisting to my side to face him, I pulled myself out of the memory and back into the present. He looked almost exactly the same as when we’d entered the bedroom last night. He was more rumpled, but nonetheless gorgeous. Unscathed. Lying on his back, he was lost in sleep, oblivious to the fact that we’d destroyed each other for hours in this very bed.

Moving my arms to smooth his hair, the tattered sheet fell away and my eyes were drawn to my own naked skin. There were faint bruises on my hips and breasts where he’d held me, already fading as I brazenly admired them. I adored them and wished irrationally that there were more sprinkled over my skin. This is why he’d chosen not to share his blood with me. He had wanted me to wear his marks, if only for a little while. Taking his blood would cause my mostly immortal body to heal faster and he wanted me to see them, to remember how each one came to be.

Gazing back at his sleeping form, even my silent observations of him made desire swirl angrily in the pit of my stomach. He had warned me that we would be like this: insatiable and all-consumed with one another.

That had been the understatement of the century.

Stretching, I padded into the adjoining bathroom and flicked on the light, instantly catching my reflection in the mirrored room. The woman staring back at me didn’t even look like me. I looked wild, feral. Turning from side to side, I memorized every pale purple fingertip, the pink outline of his hand across my ass, the fading bite marks that scattered a path from my neck to my stomach.

The only thing missing were the marks from his fangs. They’d already healed. The tiny bruises and marks were already vanishing and would be gone by afternoon. Watching them disappear would be almost as frustrating as my numerous attempts to brand him.

Once again, my mind flashed back to hours earlier as I relentlessly attempted to mark him. The scratches and bites I inflicted on him healed within seconds, leaving behind his flawless, perfect skin.

He’d sensed my frustration. He’d kissed me tenderly, following the line of my cheekbones with his fingertips and lips. “I would gladly wear your marks if you could inflict them on me.”


I found this on her WordPress page, which leads directly to the booksellers. 

So.  I’m asking everyone to help me expose this fraud.  I’m asking for help.  It’s one thing for a teenager to lift my work for the reviews, but it’s another thing entirely to profit from my hard work.  I’d love some advice, guys.  Can you help me?


Love you,



195 comments on “Plagiarism for Profit

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  2. valleystitcher says:

    Even in this mess, you all have made me laugh all evening.

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    Gorgeous, we are all behind you. Glad that she has been getting so many comments regarding her plagiarism. You have a lot of very happy readers and supporters 🙂 I guess this just emphasized that in one foul swoop huh?

    I’ll keep watching here to see how things go with the pdfs. I noticed the book she was tweeting about is one of 3 ‘companion’ pieces for the series. Hope she sent them too!

    MissRon80 might have a point. do you know anyone that has a great memory for fanfic? They might be able to help you scan through and see if anything rings a bell for other stories. Not that that needs to be your top priority! Geez the nerve of this woman ‘Influenced my ARSE!

    I loved LadyCAT’s review for book 1 on amazon, she shows just how ‘influenced’ this woman was. GEEZ!

    Ok, over rant. Hugs and Goodluck!

  4. missron80 says:

    Doing a basic quick read of her stuff and wowsers: she had ripped TB off quite blatantly, and SVM. I know this is fanfic turned original fic but it is really obvious.

    • gwynwyvar says:

      Yeah from just the sample I got it was really obvious.

      The 6’4″ tall blonde haired thousand year old NORDIC vampire.

      That just there: Charlaine harris would probably have a field day with.

      Then there is the bubbly but annoying best friend, and the sometimes helpful/ sometimes antagonistic friend. I saw those two character descriptions on someones old review – mentioning how useless and offputting the supporting characters are lol.

      Did anyone else get Amelia and Tara just from reading that too? or is it just me?

      My suggestion would be lets make Ms Anthony is held accountable to the fanfic community, then send it off to Charlaine Harris’ lawyers. They will destroy her, however let this get published will probably go out of business too. Amazon, and Barnes/Noble would most likely get hit for allowing such a blatant breach of copyright to be sold….

      Wow, the more I think on it… this is pretty big. Someone should really contact the today show to do a follow up story.

  5. missron80 says:

    it’s a bit of a TVD / TB / SVM mash-up. We have a character named Nickolaus

  6. surana17 says:

    Uk amazon – all of her books but 2 currently unavailable , evil hehehehe

    • missron80 says: has two in paperback format for 99.99? I almost chocked on a bean!

      Meanwhile, almost finished one of her books. They really aren’t that good. There are spelling errors. Grammatical errors. Three sentences in a row that ended with the word him. Its in desperate need of GOOD betaing. But, so far, nothing seems to be plagarised. As i said above, its a mash up of the three big vampire series. Its obviously fanfiction for those of us who know the genres. Its not even pretending to be ‘original’ but nothing rlse stolen. It would be a decent story if someone like ficlit or kjwrit etc got their hands on it…….

      • surana17 says:

        Yea, I’ve seen that ! The trouble is when you’re looking for plagiarism in her book you can probably only refer to GOOD fanfic authors, the ones which is not very good ones most likely would not even know they have been ripped off, which she most likely did

  7. caraway seed says:

    That’s really shocking and disgusting. Tell me how to virtually make her life hell.

  8. sherylnantus says:

    Reblogged this on Sheryl Nantus and commented:
    Yet another sad story of plagiarism…

  9. surana17 says:

    LOOK HERE text at the very bottom of her new book teaser
    ©2014 Revelations Alexandra Anthony

    No part may be reproduced without the permission of the author.

    Hahaha it’s allright if she reproduces though from other authors

  10. Here is another website to contact about having her removed as a Featured author. I sent them a message via facebook and left a “review” on her Author’s Spotlight page.–spotlight1.html

  11. Gone says:

    This is disgusting and horrible. All the ladies have commented above and advised you. This is your sweat and hardwork, and I feel you should fight for it and show her her place.

  12. […] you haven’t already heard about what happened to Ficlet78, you must be living under a rock. It’s positively disgusting and I sincerely hope […]

  13. […] sure that most, if not all of you have heard that Ficlet78’s story Pretty Kitty has been plagiarized for profit. First off, Pretty Kitty is a GREAT story by a very talented author! It’s been quite a while […]

  14. ficlit78 says:

    NEW UPDATE: Well, folks, I’m not really sure what to say. After just three days of finding this excerpt on another author’s page, the author has now retracted all her Vampire Destiny series and–as missron80 has pointed out–she says on her wordpress site that she’s hanging up her writing hat for the foreseeable future. Her Dark Hart series is still available, but I think this whole debacle really scared her.

    As angry as I was/am, I have to take the moment and give her some credit. She could have ignored my messages. She could have taken the psycho-bitch route and denied the whole thing, then done everything in her power to discredit me. But she didn’t. She admitted it. Publically. And while she did take one scene from my work (which is all I and several others have found so far), she did the hardest thing and was a fucking adult about it. So I thank her for that, at the very least.

    We now have several copies of the books thanks to the author and ebay. We’re looking through them, and so far, so good, just as Alexandra promised.

    Every last one of you has been amazing. Every last one of you has given brilliant advice and support. Margaret Mead once said “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    I believe that.

    Small groups of people build pyramids and walk to the Indian Ocean for salt. They boycott buses. They engage in sit ins, in tiny little cities that no one gives a shit about, and make history. I’m not comparing my tiny little drama to such incredible moments in time, but the quote reminded me of the fact that we are small, and the internet is huge, and we changed something.

    Thank you all. You have mighty hearts.


    P.S. I have to stay home tomorrow with my sick baby. I’m taking the time and writing more Pretty Kitty. The last few days have made me very territorial and sparked my need to finish this beast and be done with her. You deserve a finished story. Some of you started it in college and graduated ages ago. Some have started families, me included. It’s been far too long, and it’s time.

  15. fffbone says:

    Where did she admit publicly she did this?

    • ficlit78 says:

      On Amazon, she said she took down the books to work with the original author. That’s admission right there.

    • ficlit78 says:

      I know. It burns me too. What gets me now is how many more are out there. Like I said, I found this one with zero trouble. It feels like one scout ant and there’s a whole hill out there, teaming with this shit. Ignorance is almost bliss.

  16. kinnik says:

    I just took a look over at her wordpress site and this was posted yesterday. July 30th

    “I’m saying goodbye to the world of writing for now…it’s time for me to just be me…at least for a while. To my friends, fans and readers, I appreciate your love and support and I wish you all love and light.”

    Gee, I wonder why. I’m sorry this happened to you and anyone else who has found it happen to them. Thank you for deciding to continue to write. I said to you in a review after you posted chapter 57 of Pretty Kitty, as soon as I found it I couldn’t stop reading and flew through the whole thing in a couple of days. I’m grateful to you for all that you’ve written and what you will write. You deserve all the praise you’ve gotten for your works.

  17. She has since amended her goodbye on her word press. It is now captioned “My (sort of) goodbye to you…” and this is what she has written:

    “I’m saying goodbye to the world of writing for now…it’s time for me to just be me…at least for a while. To my friends, fans and readers, I appreciate your love and support and I wish you all love and light.


    Perhaps she is getting together with that west coast publisher she mentioned. Do you think they know about her plagiarism? If I was a publisher I would drop an author in a heartbeat if there were plagiarism rumors. How could you trust that author? Maybe there is no publisher, perhaps she is just rewording her stories and getting ready to republish under a new pen name. I wonder, wonder, wonder what the thief has up her sleeve.

  18. Rose says:

    Hi, how can i help you? I’m an ff-author and although my stories are small I know the hardwork that’s behind each chapter. You have my support

  19. femmeonfilms says:

    I believe those books are still up at Barnes & Noble. Buy them so you have copies as proof.

    Then consult a copyright lawyer. What she has done is illegal. Whether it’s worth it to sue her for any and all money she’s made off of these books will be up to you (legal fees can be expensive, although recoverable if you win), but a consultation with a lawyer could at least give you an idea.

  20. stephlyra says:

    Reblogged this on stephlyra and commented:
    C’est rare que je fais un post mais je trouve scandaleux que quelqu’un se permet de plagier un travail fait de quelqu’un d’autre…. et en plus de tenter de le vendre.
    It’s rare that I make a post but I find it outrageous that someone can plagiarize a labor of someone else …. and more to try to sell it. Automatic translation as usual

  21. stephlyra says:

    Frankly disgusting, what happens to you, all my support. translation automatic

  22. lilydragonsblood says:

    just heard about this, am disgusted by the whole thing, I can’t believe how some people behave!!! my love and thoughts are with you heather, x

    • missron80 says:

      I have read through the copies I bought before they were taken down last week. Actually, I’ve managed to speed-read books two and three several times through. Which may explain the screaming four day headache…… However, nothing too huge stands out to me so far. There are passages which I am pretty sure have been ‘borrowed’ but I can’t find the original sources. Either that or they’ve been changed enough to not be obvious. I also managed to find an excerpt for the now defunct fourth book and let’s just say, it is so obviously Breaking Dawn where Bella wakes as vampire that it isn’t funny. Seriously! Right down to the “she should be in pain from outsiders look at her and think she isn’t so she must be amazing” and “omg I knew she would be gorgeous as vampire but wowsers she is hotter than we thought”. *gags*

      Anyhoo, since Friday, her wordpress site has been made private, her facebook page has been deleted or made really private, many sites her books were sold at have been removed, interviews with her have been removed, the prices of her paperbacks have had a HUGE price-hike which I believe is a way to deter people from purchase until they can be removed and much more. Essentially, almost every digital copy of book 3 has been removed and same with book 2. On one hand it is sad that such a drastic reaction has occurred but on the other, plagiarism is a very serious business and writers need to understand that they can’t lift sections from other peoples work and get away with it….or profit from it. One fan of hers said “But it was just one small section”, and my reply to her was, “Yes, for now. And if she wasn’t caught, what’s to say she wouldn’t do it again? And she was using that excerpt to promote the book”.

      So all in all, an excellent result in my opinion and should such a thing ever happen again, I sincerely hope the fanfiction community will rally behind the author once again. Fanfiction or no, these stories are our babies. They represent hours of research, hard-work etc where we have ignored other parts of our lives to write. These stories are our stress relief, our enjoyment, our escape and so much more and to have someone else come along and copy portions for their own gain without any effort at all, well that is unacceptable…….

  23. ficlit78 says:

    Who here has some free time? I’ve overloaded at work and my hubby is sick, which leaves me taking care of two babies. I want very much to do some work on this, but I can’t sneak in the time. If anyone here is willing to do some screen grab collecting and some collating, send me a private email. Kjwrit, MissRon80 and msbuffy are helping me research, but I need to put it together in a professional way. Sorry to sound so lazy! Three whiny boys demanding my off-time is really grinding me down.

  24. Buttercup says:

    I made a couple screen grabs. Send me an email.

  25. marymaud says:

    Just FYI. I started comment on the Amazon page for Fated today. I commented on the 5-stars reviews, and in my comments, I linked to TheLadyKT’s awesome review ( My comments have been taken down one by one by Amazon since then.
    Signed Marymaud, aka Buttercup

  26. booklover says:

    I was a follower of what i thought were anthony books…. purchased all of them through

    i am a glassblower, and from one artist to another you should sue for a portion of all money she received off your works.

    this post helped me figure out what happened to her books as i googled. Leave it in place to expose anthony for the fraud she is. Others will google and find this information to be as helpful as i did.

    i now understand why parts of the books were so well thought out and other sections were lacking with chopped up thoughts and poor editing.

    Shame on alexandria anthony for stealing off her fellow artists. I will post reviews under each of her books purchased last year to alert others.

    look to your future and know you have more inside you than one good story. You are creative and can birth more in one month than she can in her entire lifetime.

    – booklover

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  28. […] I was finishing up here with my links I saw this book was gone from all places and so was author. Then I came across this website.  I decided it was important to post the book review anyway, just to point out a horrible thing that […]

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