Wrap It Up, Ship It Out

Hi, everyone.

Okay, you’re all well acquainted with my drama, so we’re totally going to bypass it with some much happier news, which is I’ve finished up and posted Chapter 59 of Pretty Kitty.  Honestly, I’ve half-finished the next chapter and I do believe it will be the last.

If so, then I want to thank you all for the THREE AND A HALF YEARS that you’ve been on this ride with me.  I can’t believe it’s been so long.  But I won’t digress into some Sunrise, Sunset drivel.  I’ll just fork over the goods.

I wuv you.

Chapter 59





8 comments on “Wrap It Up, Ship It Out

  1. mlearegood says:

    Well worth the wait. ❤

  2. BecomingPartII says:

    WOW. I cannot believe this story is ending – it’s been such a constant in my life for so long. Congratulations on completing an amazing work of fic, and please, please continue to write this fandom. Your Sookie and Eric are my favorite iteration out there.
    Look forward to what I’m sure will be a fabulous ending.

    – BecomingPartII

    • ficlit78 says:

      I know, me too. I feel like my kid is leaving for college or something. It’s like, “What will I do with my time?” I don’t know if I’ll write anymore, given that the show is ending and the writers worked so hard to kill my muse. Watching Sookie sob after she found out she infected Bill made me erp in my mouth. So Eric gets a soulful glance and zero objections to him leaving and probably dying in his mission. But you know, hey. Good seein’ him. Stop by sometime if you’re not dead. And then she was moping that she loved Alcide and SORTA ERIC, IN A WAY, dude I actually did puke.

      Sookie and Eric both admitted they LOVED EACH OTHER. That was never unclear. The fact that the writers (once again) have backpedaled so unceremoniously over their own work to erase the last vestiges of Sookie and Eric’s chance together makes me sorry I broke my promise and gave this season a chance.

      I’m a battered wife, and keep coming back for more like an idiot.

      Have you been watching?

      • I actually stopped watching after season 4, as I didn’t like how they wrapped that plotline up, and I was worried about the direction they were going in. It seems I was right. I’ve been keeping an eye on the recaps to see if it ever got better, but it sounds like it’s been pretty bad and like they’ve TOTALLY fucked up the Sookie/Eric stuff. It also makes me mad to see interviews where the showrunners talk about how this last season is all about Sookie and Bill because “that’s always been the center of the show.” NO IT HASN’T! And it certainly wasn’t the center of the books (even though CH fucked us all over as well). Ahh. So frustrating. I hate when shows have so much potential just dissolve into a big old mess. To hear that she privileged Alcide over Eric on the show makes me want to vomit. UGH. I’m glad I stopped watching. Unfortunately, that means that stories like yours are my only outlet. I totally understand you losing your muse, though. We’ll just have to content ourselves with rewatching those amazing S/E scenes from the first four seasons.

        Thank you again for this story – it’s been so much fun to follow it over the years.


      • I’m also in love with Five, As Agreed Upon and have reread it like five times, so thank you for all your TB work.

  3. duckbutt60 says:

    I’m sure gonna miss this story when it ends. I hope you have some corrective measures in that lovely brain of yours to correct the TB fuckery of the last two seasons. Wow –seems like the end of the world ‘as we know it’ means a bigger and better world. The Fae and the Vamps getting together? What about the rest of the other Supes? Wonder what Adam has in store for them. This kind of reminds me of that Warren Beatty film, ‘Bulworth” and he talked about the end of the races. He said: “All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep fuckin’ everybody ’til they’re all the same color.” Seems like all this coming together and ‘cumming together” may create a new race of supes……

    You’re such a smarty pants! Love this story to pieces!

  4. msbuffy says:

    We wuv you too!

  5. redjane12 says:

    Hey Ficlit! It’s been loooong and you and PrettyKitty have been sorely missed but the nice thing with this story is that it is so epic and long and good that whenever I get jittery I just start re-reading it again… It is just so good! And I have no doubt the ending will be a happy and satisfying one… I will be sad when it ends but I do hope you will write more… Although the way canon (be it books or that horrid TV show) is f-ing up, I can also understand the muse losing her shit… I stopped watching TB after Season 5 and now I just want TB to be over and forget about its shitty ending (I am 100% sure it will be worse than my lowest expectations) and then we can all go back to reading good Eric & Sookie stories just as we did post-that-awful-last-book…
    And of course we love you too!

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