A thank you left as a comment…

A thank you left as a comment….


7 comments on “A thank you left as a comment…

  1. missron80 says:

    Read the short stories book, book 1, book 2 three times, book 3 three times and excerpts from book 4 which now will never see the light of day (Twilight clone anyone?)……….. Cross eyed so taking a break but I have now PRINTED books two and three UNEDITED and books 2 & 3 EDITED and shall now literally be able to compare them side to side. First, Panadol……

    But, I was more than happy to help. When I was a teenager I wrote a poem. Doesn’t sound like much but I was proud of it. Even won the teen literary awards in my home city. At the time I had a pen-pal in America and he was proud of me so asked if I could send him a copy to read. I did. Now keep in mind that this is the VERY early days of internet. (Mid 90’s). One couldn’t just google like you can now. So what happened next really was just a random crazy happenstance.

    My high-school librarian was American and one of her rellies back home would post her copies of newspaper articles from home she may be interested in; especially anything about teens and writing. Imagine her surprise when MY poem was in a newpaper from AMERICA under a MALES name. Not only that, but had one first place in a writing competition, the prize for which was $100. (A LOT of money for a 16 year old I can tell you).

    Several phone calls to the school by her later and she had managed to prove that he, my PAN PAL, had entered it under his name. First he submitted it as an English assignment which got rave comments and was encouraged to enter the comp. It was America. I was Australian. What were the chances I’d find out? Needless to say he got in very big trouble but I alas did not get the cash prize. (grrrr).

    So, when this happened to you, I understood how you felt. Yes mine was just a silly teen poem but I was proud of it. Therefore, anything I could do to help you, I would do. And anyone else that ever has this situation. (I am actually an excellent speed-reader. A skill I have seemed to reacquired since starting this hideous diet that is slowly helping). So if anyone else ever needs a hand, let me know. 

    • Thank you! Thank you! For helping ficlit. You are wonderful! I want you to know that ficlit is not the only author that owes you. The fact that you and others poured your help to her will discourage others. We owe you a debt for your speed-reading ways.
      Much appreciation,

    • ficlit78 says:

      Looks like you’re in for a treat. Kacy has already read them. Her comments are…. Well, I’ve emailed them to you. I’ll report back to my WordPress soon. I look forward to seeing if you agree with her.

    • msbuffy says:

      Miss Ron, you are awesome! I am so sorry you’ve been a victim of this horrible crime too. People don’t seem to realize that this is just as traumatic a crime as bodily assault. Call it mind assault. For someone to steal what you’ve created with your mind’s creativity is no less a crime than having been physically robbed or any other crime against you. Yet you’re the one who has to come up with the burden of proof and it’s a civil matter. Your only justice is gaining any monetary amounts the thief has accumulated for the sales of your work and perhaps some emotional distress! To me, that’s not justice. A thief spends time in prison, so should the thief who stole someone’s work and out their name on it!

  2. It is very nice to see how wonderful this fanbase is. When seeing your initial post, I was so discouraged. We work (typing fingers to bones) only to see our stuff stolen?!? But–when I saw the badasses enlivened in our little corner of the virtual world, my chest puffed out (difficult with an A cup, by the way), and my heart soared! I hope that other potential thieves will be wary b/c we have the most loyal, most creative, and most committed readers around!

    I’m so glad you can “feel better” about all this now. Your stress and consternation should have never been. But I hope that the support pouring to you has more than made up for the nonsense.

    You are one of my favorites! You are the lemon queen (in my opinion), and if I was to steal, I’d steal from you! But my mom raised me right! (She also raised me to want to strive to equal those I respected by honing my OWN skills.) So thank you for your skill! You make me want to get better. The fact that some will try to steal your stuff–I hope–will never dim your passion for sharing it.

    Much love,

    • ficlit78 says:

      I agree, Kat. I was so despondent. Now I’m amazed. And you’re incredibly kind for your praise. Seriously, I think I’m still shocked when I first started PK 3.5 years ago as a one-shot and got 27 reviews for it. That felt like winning the lottery. So I wrote a little more. And a little more. And on and on until it was the monster it is now. I’ve almost topped 5000 reviews. I’m still grateful for those first 27, never mind the rest. I love your stuff too, I just lurk like a mofo. Forgive me for that. Your stuff is awesome!

  3. msbuffy says:

    Still working on things here in the Mid-Atlantic states. Only e-books thus far, but Sonya is using her connections to get hard copies, while I continue my research through the second-hand stores.

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