Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you a quick (if vague) update on my plagiarism situation.  Things are progressing, and pretty soon I’m going to publish an article I’ve written on the experience that will outline the entire story from beginning to end, no matter the outcome.

Thanks to some close fandom friends, I’ve collected and read every Anthony book, save one, and that one is being hunted down as we speak.  (That one book I haven’t read had a teaser published on another promoter’s blog, and in that single excerpt, my work was contained in the very first paragraph of chapter one.)  I can also report that every book–save one–contained pieces of my work.  One single book had 18 direct excerpts in it, 6 were longer than a paragraph, and 3 were longer than a page.  Missron80 even discovered other fanfic authors’ work.  I want to thank her and kjwrit for all of their exhaustive diligence on this project.

Obviously, I’m moving forward on this.

But I didn’t want to create that huge hullabaloo back in July, then just disappear off the radar.  You deserve to hear what’s going on.  So many of you defended me on so many forums that I’m still finding them in my research.  Thanks to this journey, I am now very schooled on transformative works, copyright infringement and our rights as fanfiction authors.  The lawyers at the Organization for Transformative Works have been unbelievably helpful.   I’ll outline everything I found out in my article.  Everyone deserves to know, should this horrible experience every happen to them, so that they can defend themselves against thieves.

Thanks again for all of your collaborative support.  Stay tuned.  I’ll return soon, and gather ye round for I’ll have a tale to tell.


27 comments on “Intermission

  1. Sherri Smith says:

    Thank you for the update I had been wondering what was going on looking forward to reading what you have to say. Hang in there you are an AMAZING writer!!!

  2. askarsgirl says:

    We’re all rootin for you! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. hisviks says:

    I’ll be looking forward to that article because I am highly curious to how this all works as the authorship and owbership on fan fiction is, I think to most, a rather vague concept.

    I should be surprised at the amount of stolen pieces her ‘work’ contained of yours and others but I’m not. The bits I read due to your attention on it made it obvious she didn’t have her own narrative flow and I was mostly surprised people were willing to pay for that. I guess the old addage of sex sells isn’t that wrong even if it’s surrounded by mangled words.

    Again sorry you had to go through that but selfishly I’m thankful we now have an expert in our midst. I can’t imagine the amount of valuable time this person stole from you with their utter disregard of right and wrong.

    • ficlit78 says:

      I’ll be getting it to you shortly! It took way too long to find out my rights. Everyone had a different opinion about it. It was exhausting. Thanks for the support!

  4. missron80 says:

    This last book is proving to be a b****!! Lol. But i have been very happy to help. I’m still shocked by the stuff found. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V must be her favourite buttons on the keyboard…….

  5. jules3677 says:

    Thanks for the update. Still cannot believe she has the audacity to steal your work & publish it.

  6. gwynwyvar says:

    Thanks for the update!
    Wow. From what she posted on her site, it was one paragraph in one book. No wonder she disappeared so quickly.

    I’m happy to hear you have found someone who knows what the law is about this, and like everyone else am interested to learn! Not that it would h

  7. gwynwyvar says:

    Not that it would help me much here in Aus.

    Huge hugs for everything you went through. And are still going through!

  8. Jackie69 says:

    Thanks for the update! You have all support from every single one of your readers. We’ll all be rooting for you! Hugs and Take care

  9. Kim says:

    Fight the good fight Sista. Stay strong.

  10. sexyviking says:

    So good to hear from you and appreciate hearing the rest of the story when you are ready to share. I love your writing and miss reading it but appreciate you had to go in this direction – and I would have as well. It must have let a bad taste though so I do hope knowing how much you are adored here will help with that! Sending hugs 🙂

  11. MissPharao says:

    I’ve only learned recently what had happened to you. I’m really sorry about that. I still can’t believe that she thought she would get away with it! What the hell was she thinking? And now you say that she stole even more from you than she admitted? I have no words!
    I’m really looking forward to your article and your experience. I’m still learning about all this but I’m really glad that we – as fanfiction writers – still have rights reagarding our own work. And as ‘hisviks’ said, I’m glad that we have an expert now as well.
    Hang in there! I can’t even imagine how exhausting it must be. But it will pay off, I’m sure about it!

  12. eaaustin85 says:

    Tx for the update….stay strong n good luck!

  13. switbo says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m sorry to hear she stole so much of your work. Entire pages. That’s just so blatant and outrageous. Just tell me she didn’t steal Pretty Kitty’s lipstick scene!

    We’re all rooting for you and I hope you get satisfaction (and maybe even some $$) in the end.

    • ficlit78 says:

      Funny enough, in her Divine short story book, the story Red had an extended scene in which the woman kissed prints all over the man, reapplied, then gave him a blowjob. Sound familiar?

      • Violajane says:

        That scene was awesome! I loved how badly she wanted to mark him during their lovemaking. I loved how she rubbed herself all over the walls and his jacket. Her threat about having counted them! So many unique, clever, sexy things you’ve dreamed up.

  14. ozzo says:

    So happy you are getting help and great information. AS an author, blogger, and English instructor I find plagiarism and theft of work reprehensible. I hope you can solve the issue to the best. All my support. Oona

  15. msbuffy says:

    That’s awesome that you’ve been able to find this kind of support, and I applaud all of your continued efforts. Thanks so much for the update! I look forward to reading your article and becoming informed and updated on the most current cites regarding Internet production, Fan Fiction, and copyright law. Still willing to assist in whatever way possible, and backing you 200%!!

  16. sinder290 says:

    Thanks so much for the update and thrilled that something can be done about creative theft. Sorry you had to go through this — glad it’s being resolved. Thrilled to see “her books” no longer available and she doesn’t have any immediate presence on the web.

    Love your writing; thoroughly enjoy all your fics.

    Looking forward to more.

  17. glamouredbyyou says:

    Thanks for the update Heather! Although I could’nt help you ( not a writer – only a reader ) my thoughts were with you, Hopefully this b… gets what she deserves! Good to see all these support for you!
    Stay safe and many hugs from me!

  18. tj6james6 says:

    Reblogged this on SVM & TB Stories and commented:
    I told you all about ficlit78’s work being plagiarized back in July, here is her update. Good luck ficlit. I hope it all works out in your favor.

  19. Kittyinaz says:

    Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Just to let those of you know who may have not received this already. Show your support, she is fighting the fight for others not to steal our stuff.

  20. LaLa says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m looking forward to reading your article.

  21. anem72 says:

    I’m just glad you’ve been able to take some action and I really hope you get a positive result. This will set a precedent and fan fiction writers deserve to be able to protect their original stories. I hope that yourself (as well as other talented fan fic writers) see how worthy your work is. After all she took your work and got it published by changing the names. Of course she stole the lipstick scene – it’s brilliant! No wonder she took everything down and sent you digital copies she’d already changed, the bloody cheek of the woman is astounding. I look forward to your article and I hope the result is in your favour.

  22. redjane12 says:

    Well kudos to you (and all those who’ve supported your quest) and I hope this does get justice because it will be a great precedent for those who try to get away with plagiarising others and making money off their talent and efforts.

  23. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m sooo glad to hear that things are going in your favor and that you and the other fanfic writers have rights! You guys work so hard for these stories and you deserve the credit even though you’ve borrowed existing characters.

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