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Hi Everyone,

This isn’t a post about a story.  It’s not really an update to my plagiarism throwdown either.

But it’s something really important that affects all of us in the fan fiction community.  When this whole thing went down with my work being stolen, I was totally adrift.  Everyone had an opinion about my rights and what I was able to do or not do, and I can tell you right now that 95% of those people–though well-intentioned–were way off base.

It really frightened me that, as creators, none of us seemed to know how to protect ourselves, should someone come along, read our stories, like what they see, and simply take it, tweak, slap it between two covers and sell it for their own gain.  Lots of people voiced that I’m not a real author since I’m “infringing” on the AB and CH copyrights.  Several said that, sure, I wrote a story, but unless I registered it under US Copyright, it was fair game.  Others said the internet was a public forum, and any thievery was to be expected and totally legal.  And yet more said that I was technically right, but what could I really do about it?

Well, I can tell you know that thanks to the amazing team over at the Organization for Transformative Works, I now know that all of that is untrue.  This is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping protect the works of people like us.  We’re not lowly fans who foolishly offer our blood and sweat online for smarter authors to come along and repurpose it for their own stories.  We have rights.  Our work is our own and is not subject to the literary molestations of people with weaker imaginations.  Without these folks, I would have floundered.

I’d like to announce that the OTW are currently running a fundraiser, in which they’re trying to raise $70,000.  They deserve every penny.  I’ll be putting in mine shortly.

Please repost and please donate!  They’re just like us, except with law smarts.

Thanks everyone!


18 comments on “Support the OTW!

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    It’s important for us to help people who help us. Please support your fanfiction writers by learning about this group and considering a donation.

  2. missron80 says:

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    Seeing firsthand how hard ficlit has worked on this and knowing she has had support of people who understand the law, I am extremely grateful such an organisation exists!

  3. Kittyinaz says:

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    Still not too sure where this sis going and coming from. But I fully support this and wish to make sure you guys can read about it. It’s great to have something to stand up for our rights.

  4. Bertie Bott says:

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    A matter so important and dear to any fanfic author and reader’s heart… Please take the time to read and donate 🙂

  5. Meridian says:

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    The OTW (Organization for Transformative Works) is on our (fic-writers’) side, so you might want to check into it, learn about it, and perhaps even donate if you can.

  6. msbuffy says:

    Thank you for the information, I’m glad that you found an organization such as this to help not only you, but all the writers of FF.

  7. harleyreturns says:

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    Thank you!

  8. gwynwyvar says:

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    It might not be in my country, but I’m glad these guys are around.

    Good luck ficlit with your plagiarism battle!

    I hope OTW get the help they deserve!

  9. tj6james6 says:

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    I’ve posted about ficlet78’s plagiarism before so I thought I would forward to you what ended up in my inbox today.
    Good luck to the OTW and ficlet.

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    I will certainly support this cause! Please donate! let’s help our favourite fanfiction writers!

  11. Magpie says:

    Slightly panicking here, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else to get in touch with the fandom – and I thought you might like to know this anyway.

    Late last night I starting reading a TB story on fanfiction called Deviations by On3lov3. I only got as far as chapter 2 of it – it was 33 chapters. From the first chapter I recognised some of the plot from Anna Todd’s After. (That’s a One Direction fanfic – fanfic as in it’s fiction written by a fan about a band, rather than a derivative fanfic like ours).
    After was on Wattpad first & is now a published book.
    By the second chapter I actually pulled up After on another tab and realised with a sinking feeling that whole paragraphs, whole scenes really, had been taken from it.
    So… I wasn’t sure what to do.
    I put a review up on the first two chapters saying it was too like After, and went to bed.

    This morning I was going to come on here and ask if that was enough. I had no idea if the rest of the chapters were so… well, plaigerised is the only word for it really, isn’t it?
    I was really torn – I didn’t want to put off a new writer if the rest of the story was not like that, but having slept on it I thought what if it was all plaigerised? Should I have done more?

    Now, this morning… It’s pulled. Gone.

    And so is the writer’s profile. At least when I go to the page from my history it pulls up a writer’s profile for UNDeRTHeMOoNLiiGHT.

    I’m … well, a bit panicked. I didn’t get any reply from the writer or anything. I mean is that an admission of guilt? Or did someone report it for something else?

    No idea.

    And if this comes up again, is there a proper way to report potential plaigerism on If there’s a reportable lemons forum….

    Anyway I thought you might like to know, and I’m really sorry if people were reading the story & are a bit bewildered by the take down. (I felt a bit cheated having read just 2 chapters & realising it was basically After…)

    Oh, and if there’s somewhere I should put this on fanfic so people know what happened…

    One of the forums?

    Sorry for the loser length & highjacking your site, but I don’t have my own & as I said panicking!

    • ficlit78 says:

      Hi Magpie. Nope, everything is just fine. Chances are that the writer was young and didn’t think it was a big deal. I’ve had two of those happen to me in the past year. I confronted them about the theft and their stories came down in hours. You didn’t do anything wrong.

      The normal procedure for people lifting fanfic and using it in their own fanfic stories is to demand it be taken down. This is usually done by the deprived author, but anything can call them out. The writer didn’t write you back because they didn’t expect to be caught and now they’re freaked out and hiding.

      It’s important that plagiarist be confronted with their theft. This problem is rampant in our literary world and it needs to be addressed.

  12. Magpie says:

    I just needed to hear that 🙂

    I feel sorry for the people who’ve been reading the story for ages though.

    • ficlit78 says:

      Believe me, readers don’t want to enjoy a story at the expense of a deprived author in another fandom. Nobody wants to support a thief, so don’t worry. You did good!

  13. Magpie says:

    Hi again.

    Yeah, it looks like the whole thing was ripped from After.

    I suspect that the person deliberately looked for a fandom that didn’t have a lot of overlap with One Direction fans who would notice that.

    It’s hard to believe it was up for nine months before anyone noticed. And even worse, it came second in one of the You Want Blood Awards.

    • ficlit78 says:

      Really? Well, that really sucks. We should let kittinaz know, as she was part of the awards and is advocating against plagiarism. Thanks again for the update!

  14. Magpie says:

    Someone has already let them know.

    After is still free on Wattpad, so readers left hanging could always read that instead.

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