Yeah, BITCH!

Hello, my home fries!

You awesome people and your hilarious trolling.  Carmel Muse, the latest idiot that thought she’d could rip off our stories (and it WAS our stories, as I recognized other people’s stuff in hers), is no more, at least not in her current form.

You reported Carmel Muse’s story Element of Blood, and you left 30-odd reviews demanding she do the right thing and take it down.  Bizarrely, she did not.  Like many of you pointed out, what was the point of writing a story if half of it was stolen?  Why accept reviews for something you KNOW you didn’t write?  It’s one thing to make money off it like certain published authors, but to refuse to acknowledge what everyone knows about you?  I mean, this story was about Tara and Eric (ew), as she shot him with a light ball, warmed him up, could now walk in the sun, used half of my sex scenes and dialogue, and even ended with Tara preggo with a baby that smelled like snow and flowers.  None of this was rewritten, mind you, it was just copied and pasted.  She even stole my Vampire Confinement Cells description.  WTF?

She left a giant thank you to her readers for being so awesome, and that their reviews pushed her to finish the story.

I don’t really know what to make of someone who’s so clearly delusional about what they created versus what they stole.  I’m finding that’s a serious theme with plagiarists.  They love your work so much, they internalize it so completely, that when you (the original author) call them out, they go into the same weird script.  Denial is a big favourite.  So is pleading ignorance.  Hedging their guilt is universal, as in yes, they took it, but they didn’t realize they’d done so.  We’re talking massive cut and pastes here.  But they swear they’d never done anything intentionally.  I really think there is a voluntary craziness at play, like Doublethink in 1984, for those of you who remember high school English.  To simultaneously hold two conflicting opinions:  Yeah, I kinda stole it, but I changed the words and wrote another story around it and then kinda forgot about its original source, so no, it’s actually mine.

Anyway, the story is gone now.  FFN informed me that it was taken down yesterday.  Who knows, she’ll probably post it under a different name and title.  It took me a while to find this FFN version for that reason, it had been called something else on another site.  But I’ve had it trashed from three sites so far, so hopefully I’m making it too irritating to repost.

You guys, as always, came to the rescue.  Thank you so much for your help.

Until next time, Batmans.






19 comments on “Yeah, BITCH!

  1. hisviks says:

    Congrats everyone on taking it down. The annoying thing is when you mentioned a couple of weeks(?) ago that you had this story removed on another site I recognised the description as something I’d seen while browsing the story descriptions on but because the title and the author name were different I thought it must have been another story. Next time I’ll pay closer attention when you put out an APB.

    It’s getting worrisome with the amount of plagiarism happening now and it seems to be a full time job to you, which is ridiculous. It’s making me belief people are just this delusional and consider it sampling when you alter a few words and hey presto it’s a ‘new’ piece. Plenty of school and university papers are written in the exact same manner because they can’t bother to bring about original thoughts of their own. I sincerely hope this was the last time but my more pessimistic side isn’t holding out as much hope. Sorry 😦

  2. mazzablue says:

    Wahoo. Glad it’s been removed. Pity the fcuk wit is still in denial but whatever. She and others who think this is ok news flash trash will always be removed. Way to go xx

  3. My students who plagiarize their essays say similar things. I had one who recently copied a sample essay from our own class’s textbook. Her excuses: I didn’t know I couldn’t do that. And–the safe assign thingy checks stuff on the Internet, so I figured it’d be safe. AND–I didn’t think you read the textbook since you never read it aloud in class.


  4. glamouredbyyou says:

    Good news, Heather. What a pity, you have to deal with this shit. You could to us all a favour, and write another great story, instead to waiste your precious time with those bitch.
    Always with you,

    • ficlit78 says:

      Ha! Man, I’d love to. Although I must say that as TB fades from memory (and most of us say good riddance) my muse is slowly saddling up. They just spat on that show so often for so long that it permanently injured her.

  5. Meridian says:

    It’s sad and all when people’s brain-boxes are cracked, but I lose all sympathy when they turn thief and bald-face steal your hard work and ideas and stab you in the back by claiming them as their own. I get that no one wants to be called out for stealing, but damn, don’t steal in the first place and that won’t have to happen!

    So glad this latest mentally deficient moron has been dealt with, but it’s incredibly worrisome just how often this happens, and how there are so many filthy thieves and liars who seem to think it’s perfectly ok to steal other people’s ideas and work.

    It’s like there’s an epidemic of rabid stupidity in the fic world.

    Anyone got a vax?

  6. Kittyinaz says:

    Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    Thanks for the help ladies!!

  7. Sometimes I get a little salty over the fact that this hasn’t happened to me (at least not to my knowledge) but then I think about what a hassle/pain in the ass it all is and I quit my internal whining. It might be the sincerest form of flattery to copy someone’s work but it’s the highest form of dishonesty not to acknowledge the originator, and it’s the supreme form of stupid to not remove the evidence of your theft after the owner has straight up caught you with their work.

    Sometimes I really love this fandom for being so protective of its authors. It’s pretty rad.

    • ficlit78 says:

      Are you kidding? Dude, start Googling lines from The Playground and I can guaran-damn-tee there are copies out there. Your work is kick-ass and there is no shortage of talentless hacks wanting to capitalize on it.

  8. easouter says:

    I’m so thrilled you were able to have it taken down! And I don’t mean to alarm or anger you more but after a google search I did find the same story on Archive of Our Own under a different username and title.
    Here it is:

    I have reported it as well. So wrong and disgusting for someone to take someone’s work and claim it as their own.

  9. msbuffy says:

    WOO-HOO! I love it, and I love that paid attention for a change and actually DID something about it instead of ignoring it as they typically do in these situations! I’m thrilled for you! If it was taken down there & ends up on another site, no doubt one of us will find it there as well & begin another campaign to stop her! Congrats to you for all of your efforts in making FF remove it!

  10. jules3677 says:

    Its also posted on AO3 too under a different name, SantiMuse & story title, same summary. I just checked my library & that is where i was sourcing it from under the name CarmelMuse. Have deleted the story from my library 🙂 Now off to write derogatory things about her keeping the story up on that site. 🙂

    Everyone, please go there & make like angry reviewers!

  11. kinnik7104 says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully, you won’t have to go through this again…or anyone else for crying out loud, but it’s so great that we can all pull together and get results so quickly. 🙂

  12. duckbutt60 says:

    Congrats! Hopefully your muse will come back from playing “defense only” and give us some more E/S goodness –something to cleanse the palate,, as you will form the debacle that was the last two seasons….

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