We Gotta Problem

Hello my best buds,

As some of you have already brought to my attention, we’ve got a slight problem over on FFN, specifically in the TB/SVM section.  Apparently, a sad little crusader has decided that it’s her/his job to clean up FFN of all the smuttiness therein.  On the face of it, I’d usually laugh my ass off.  FFN currently hosts tens of thousands of smutty stories, many of which are very dear to our hearts.

But, they’ve opened an account as of November 21st and have started naming names, with particular hatred aimed at me.  I don’t know if we’re dealing with a super-prude, or a Bible thumper, or just someone who has no talent of their own and tears down those that do, but no excuse is viable.

My worry is that if this person succeeds we’ll lose many of the wonderful stories that brought us here in the first place.  I know many of us have wandered away to WordPress and the like, but FFN will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s where I met all of you.

And most importantly of all-  Fuck her.  Or him.  No one is simply allowed to create an account for explicit purpose of deleting mass stories that they’ve never even read.  To them, it’s the sex itself, not the writing or tone, that’s unacceptable.  And they’re on a mission to police what everyone else enjoys.  That violates everything we as writers and readers stand for.  It’s disgusting.  It’s Nazi-ish and Communist China.  No one controls my information and no one tells me to conform to their ideals.  I’d rather they delete my page from existence than edit one single fucking scene about fucking.

So, I’d like to suggest we all PM this person and let them know how we feel about their censorship efforts in our realm.  Let them know how much you enjoy being dictated to.  Let them know, above all, how you feel about deleting what you read.


Love and pleasant fucking to you all,


**Update 9 hours later**  It looks like she’s turned her PM off.  This person who’s raining down their unsolicited opinion has blocked everyone’s unsolicited opinion about their behavior.  Try not to gag on the irony.