Chapter 20


Aw, hell no. No no no no. We were not going to fly off into the sunrise until he and I had a conversation.

“Put us down!” I hissed at Eric over the loud whip of the air as we rocketed over empty forest.

He grunted and clutched me tighter. “Not until we’re home.”

“We’re miles from nowhere!” I cried out in annoyance. “No one’s even looking for us, and all the vampires have gone to ground. I said land!”

His anger percolated between us, but mine was getting pretty hot, too. His attitude needed some serious readjusting. Okay, so I was trembling with joy, absolutely. I’d been ripped away from him, and the resulting tear had nearly left me blind with inconsolable sadness. And then I’d nearly lost him again under that bitch’s nasty-ass mouth. I tried not to think about it, but I knew that if my skin hadn’t solidified and if Eric hadn’t Radiated, then I would currently be in the ground with her, waiting for dusk when I would rise as her child. Eric would have been staked and gone forever. My life, even my unlife, would have ceased to matter at all. My only hope would have been that my Fae powers hadn’t transferred with my turning and the queen, in annoyance, would have staked me on the spot.

Then I would have had the eternity of true death. Hopefully, it would have been enough time to find Eric on the other side.

But he had saved me. We were here together, in the real world.

Just for that, I kissed his jawline, hard and sound. It surprised him. I felt his commitment to his flight plan take a hit.

“Land,” I whispered into his skin. “We’re safe. You’ve made us safe.”

I waited a tick. “Please?”




“A few minutes,” he spoke out loud.

I nodded against him. “A meadow,” I requested. “Somewhere out of the shade. It’s chilly.”

Our path shifted and slowed. The ground got closer and closer until he set gracefully down in a small clearing of tall grass and buttercups.

Once my feet hit the ground, I dropped the book, shoved both our frustrations aside and hugged him ferociously. I’d yell at him in a minute. Right now, I fisted my hands in the back of his t-shirt and burrowed into his broad chest. He also banked his anger, locking his arms around me and grabbing huge handfuls of my dress and hair in his clenching fingers. We pawed each other roughly, neither of us feeling calm enough to be sweet. He cuffed my cheek and dragged my face up while he lowered his. His kiss was more like the claiming, controlled bite of a lion. His strong jaws worked aggressively as he forced his mouth against mine, lips and teeth and tongue. Unable to predict his movements, I opened my mouth and let him take what he wanted. His tongue sought mine instantly. Our teeth clicked against each other, his closing on my lower lip and nibbling carefully. I put my hands on his throat, wanting to feel the vibrations of his hostile growls. They were alpha male noises, ordering me to keep still and accept his manhandling as he took his relief in our harsh embrace.

His hands slid over my bare arms and I moaned, arching into him. The callouses on his palms and fingertips – eternal momentos from his sword-wielding human life – grazed over my skin and snagged my clothing and I reveled in the knowledge that they would never soften.

“Eric,” I crooned softly. My voice dripped with longing and pleasure. Wasn’t I supposed to be yelling?

His growl deepened. He pulled my hair back and necked me, biting and sucking and bruising his way to my clavicle.

“Take it,” I whispered, sliding against him brazenly. “Show me.”

Only Eric would have understood such vague instructions. He bit down. I moaned as his fangs sank deep into my eager flesh. His tongue plugged between the sunken points, staunching the flow of blood. He wasn’t interested in food. He was reinforcing his claim. Proving to me and to himself that where the queen had failed, he would always succeed. And proving to me that while Hadley and Hunter had his claim, I would always have his undivided soul.

I held his head to me and basked in his ardor. His hands never stopped fondling me from throat to thighs. Our bond throbbed with terrified relief and desire…and yes, still more anger. Even now, I felt mine filter through my passion.

I hate sharing you.

Eric’s tongue swiped his punctures, sealing his mark, and backed off. He’d felt the gist of my statement and eyed me sternly. His hands went hard and disciplinary on my hips.

“What I did, I did for you.”

“I know that,” I huffed. My own hands fisted stubbornly into his shirt and thumped his chest in reprimand. “Doesn’t mean I have to like that Hadley has your blood.”

He jerked me roughly. “Anymore than I would like you sharing your Light with Pam?”

“But the sun was coming!” I defended. “I felt your fear for her! I wanted to help!”

“Your Light is mine, lover. I won’t share it. Not even with my own child. You’ll never suggest it again!”

The soft fabric of his shirt was balled tightly in my hands when I hit him again. Harder this time. “But I have to share you? Is that it? My Light is yours, but your blood can be doled out in shot glasses like Russell’s was? Fuck that!”

He roared in frustration, shaking me. “My blood is functional, you infuriating girl. It will protect your foolish cousin and help me monitor her safety. I will force it down a thousand throats if it eases your fear for others.”

His rational, exhilarating words shot adrenaline straight from my throat to my groin. I nearly moaned at his towering, hyper-pragmatic adoration of me. It made me all the crazier.

“How is mine different?” I nearly shouted. “My Light can help you and yours. I might be able to make Pam a day walker! Don’t you want that for her? Don’t you want that vulnerability in her removed?”

“No, goddammit!” His blue eyes turned to glaciers and our bond went critically unstable. My hands were suddenly in his. He crushed them to his chest so hard that I cried out in pain.

“It’s mine!” he roared at me. I felt him lodge himself in my brain, trying to force my Light into my hands through the sheer force of his will. I allowed it. My hands glowed warningly on his chest. I was so angry, I half-wondered if I’d infuse him with love or just launch him backwards with fury. Both were fine by me.

“Yes,” he hissed as gold light engulfed my hands under his. “Mine, lover. Your Light is equaled by none. I cannot share it, not even with Pam. I would sooner see her dead than to part with it.”

His conviction scared me to death. I felt his rabid sincerity. And it wasn’t just my Light, either. It was what my Light represented. To him, my Light was my love. It was how it made him feel when I shot him with it. He wallowed in his unique position of being loved and Chosen by a Fae. By me. He guarded his blood, sure. But in the end, he considered it an excellent vintage of V. Nothing more. He didn’t ordinarily share it because humans held little sway with him. But he considered my Light a singular force of nature. A ten-point earthquake. Ball lightening. A hailstorm of frogs. A mathematically perfect sphere.

Only much, much more.

He was not a sentimental man. His implacable desire for me had slowly beaten down every objection he’d raised against loving a mortal. Now that desire pounded fiercely between us. I was one of a kind. And he needed me.

My hands intensified on his chest. He hissed in anticipation.

My mind’s eye flared. I saw us naked, writing together in the grass of this field, the sun reflecting off his marble skin. I had no sooner wished it and suddenly we were naked as the day we were born, our clothes jerked from our bodies by an unseen force and thrown to ten feet away. I flinched. Only once before had my will become a force of its own, when I unconsciously demanded a chain strangle Rattray.

Eric’s eyes widened in disbelief. My hand still pressed into his chest. I surged into him, not infusing him with a fireball like before, but more of an electric shock that had him snarling with pleasure and falling onto his back. I followed and landed on top of him, the wild grass enveloping us.

“Sookie,” he grunted, flashing his fangs in feral lust. He gazed hungrily at our nude entanglement. “What have you done?” His hands moved to clasp my hips.


At my word, his hands dropped like stones against his will. Bracing myself against his chest, I looked into his eyes and saw his astonishment.

He was paralyzed.

My Light had altered. Or I was just discovering another way to use it. I had just willed us naked and didn’t want Eric to move. He’d called enough of the shots for one morning. Now it was my turn.

Instinctively, I kept at least one hand on his chest as I slithered over him, rubbing my aching nipples over his chest and delighting in his wolfish growls of frustration. His immobility was driving him crazy. I felt him fighting against it, though it was surprisingly easy to keep him still.

I willed more Light into my hand over his heart. “No,” I chided him playfully. “You wanted my Light, now you lie there and take it.”

The increase had an electrical effect again. Eric writhed in pleasure, his body going rigid, his spine propelling upwards into my hand.

“Fuck!” he gritted, and began to struggle in earnest. I felt the full effect of a thousand year old vampire fighting against my fairy magic. But I knew. I knew already that in our vampiric bond, he would always be physically superior. But we were ensnared in my Fae desire now, and as my Chosen, as the keeper of my Light, he was mine to control as I saw fit. He had Consented.

Never breaking contact, I slid to his side so I could let my hand roam experimentally over his chest and abdomen. Pleasingly, he still had power over his head. He looked up at me and hissed, hating his inertia, mindless with lust as I stroked him with a luminous form of foreplay. I could feel via our bond what it was doing to him. My humming, constant Light was like a portable orgasm, frying every nerve it came into contact with. He was blank with shock, having no comparison for such foreign eroticism.

“Let me touch you,” he rasped angrily.


“How are you doing this, lover?”

I smiled sweetly, as if I were an old pro at driving men bioluminescently crazy. “You wanted my Light all to yourself, right? I’m going to show you how a tinkerbell thanks her vampire for saving her.”

With that, I willed up a burst of love and shot him. Light dove beneath his skin and lit him up like a paper lantern. It illuminated his circulatory system, making him momentarily glow reddish orange. His whole body pulsed once, violently against my hand.

Eric roared as if I’d dipped him in silver. I smiled. The bond told a different story. I forced my way into the short-circuited maze of his mind and filled it with unrelenting waves of lust. I tore and chipped and clawed at any rational thought he tried to muster.

He wanted to go all caveman possessive of his ‘little Fae’? Well, this was how little Faes expressed their own sense of ownership. I shoved graphic images into his head, the kind where our hips crashed violently into each other again and again, our screams reverberating in the confines of his skull.

He groaned in exquisite agony.

Oh, and I hadn’t even started.

“Wassa matter?” I asked sweetly, keeping my hand on his chest and I slid down between his open legs. His cock pointed accusingly at me, so tight and throbbing that I decided to give it some relief. “Not enjoying my gratitude?”

I pointed my tongue and probed gently over his slit. Precum oozed freely and he snarled in fury.

I grinned at his helplessness. He was so ill-tempered when he didn’t have the upper hand.

“Bad boy.”

I shot him again, my hand just under his sternum. He lit up once again, howling as pleasure nearly turned him inside out. I licked him from base to tip. His impressive length jerked heavily at the unbearable stimulation from inside and out.

“You look so damn good in the sunshine, baby,” I cooed to him, swiping my tongue over his shaft in no particular rhythm. He lifted his head, despite his delirium, to watch me.

“I’ll get you for this,” he swore darkly. I looked up and found his eyes, dilated and unfocused, as he watched me start to swallow him whole. “Aaaah!” he groaned. “Yes. I’ll pay you back. With everything I have.”

“Really?” I goaded him. “Can you pay me back for this?” I sucked him madly and shot him again.

My name ripped the small meadow apart, silencing every forest creature in five miles. Eric spasmed beneath me as Light and my enthusiastic blowjob tore his senses to shreds. But he hadn’t come yet. I had to hand it to him. The man had stamina.

I released him and looked up into his face. His head had fallen back again, twisting from side to side as he moaned. I raised up a little. His beautiful eyes stared at the increasingly blue sky without seeing it. He was blind.

I smiled again. I could tell it was a temporary blindness. I tapped our connection to monitor his struggles. They’d gone weak. He either didn’t have the strength or the inclination to fight my hold on him anymore. Feeling merciless, as he so often was with his love, I tightened my restraint on him.

He felt it, his muscles trembling under the increase in pressure. He moaned at my lack of pity. I laughed and lowered my head, nursing the most perfect erection any woman had ever seen.

I took my time, moving far too slow to give him any relief. A strange mixture of vampire growls and whimpers gave me a tempo to keep time to as I sucked up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

“Lover,” he gasped softly.


“You’re torturing me.”

I lifted from him and – for the first time since our game started – smiled genuinely at him. “You know I only love you, right? That I’d never share my Light unless you wanted me to?”

He gasped again and shook his head. “Yes. I know it. I feel it. Your love is mine. It’s killing me, it’s so strong.”

My smile gentled and I eased my Light’s grip on him, not enough to let him move, but enough to let him feel my compassion. “And your blood?”

Air wheezed from his lungs. “Hadley and Lafayette have it. I gave it to them to help me secure you as my own. It’s yours now. You may keep it or dispense it to whomever you wish me to protect.”

The gravity of such an offer stunned me. Sure, it was the same offer I’d made him, but it still struck me as unacceptably risky. Every human claim he granted was an agreement to protect them, no matter what trouble they might bring down on him. My Light, as empowering as it was, would only ever be offered to Pam, who would never tell a soul. Eric’s claims had to be public. How much must he love me to surrender such a vulnerability to me?

Still holding him down with both hands, I crawled up his long, lean form until I was perched above his hips. I could feel his cock, still hot and seeking, sliding deliciously against the cleft of my ass. Unthinkingly, I began to rock against it as I spoke.

“I’m honored by the sacrifice you’re offering me, Eric. I never want to use it. I want your blood all to myself.”

I backhanded him hard across the chest. My gorgeous ruby sliced a paper-thin cut of red above the flat disk of his nipple. I mewled with greed as I leaned down to lick it as it closed. The sweet taste of him had me dry humping his waist. “Mine.”

His mouth was working in a circle, his jaw sawing back in forth as it exercised his desire to bite. His eyes were that of a lovesick monster. Strong, murderous…and madly devoted to me.

“Yours,” he swore. “Only yours.”

“I want to make love to you now.”

“Will you let me touch you?” His voice all but begged me.

I giggled. “You don’t like my Light anymore?”

“I love your Light,” he replied. “But I love you more. Let me have you.”

“It must burn you up to have to ask.”

He smiled tightly. “I am unused to it, yes. But for you, I plead mercy.”

I rocked back, coating his lower belly with my slick lust. “Mercy?”

“Mercy,” he pleaded, trying once again to break my hold and thrust up between my spread thighs. “Have mercy.”

My Light weakened further. His arms moved fractionally.

I quirked a brow. “You gonna play nice?”

“So nice,” he purred, his body gaining power as I slowly let my hands return to normal. He was almost free. Almost.

“No revenge for taking advantage of you?”

“None,” his voice dripped like honey. “None at all.”

My hands dimmed completely. Eric was loose.

He moved like lightening. His hands were on my hips. I was flipped to my back and I gasped as cool, wet dew drenched my skin. My beautiful liar locked his hips between my thighs, positioned himself at my center, and plunged deep.

A battering ram of masculinity stretched me to the limit and I screamed. Eric roared in triumph, slamming his fists into the ground above my shoulders. They acted as cement pillars, keeping me in place as the power of his ramming hips shoved me backwards.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I was shown none of the amnesty I was promised as he gave me no time to adjust to his dizzying size. Thank God I was already wet from my foreplay, because he skipped his gentler speeds and pummeled me at a frenzied, vampiric pace. Ecstasy shot through my body with each thrust as they jackhammered into me. He loomed above me, his face contorted with malice and unparalleled adoration.

I screamed again.

He howled in response. Even my scream was being overpowered. His pubic bone struck my clit at what must have been twenty strokes a second and I orgasmed so hard that my entire body seized around him. I locked him between my arms and legs, screeching like a banshee as I caved spectacularly under his punishment.

“You see?” he whispered over my gasping sobs. “You’ll always break for me, girl. You’ll break for me more, harder and sooner than I ever shall for you.”

He must have plunged into me a hundred times as he spoke. My shoulders repeatedly smacked into his forearms as his hips propelled me up.

A hundred is a lot. As a human, I could only take so much over-stimulation.

I came again, my pussy clenching his cock and showering it with even more wetness. He roared in pride. As powerful as I was, he was convinced he could best me.

“Come for me, Eric,” I gasped softly. From the moment we’d started, my hands had been everywhere on him, stroking and grasping and teasing across the smooth topography is his perfect body. “I want to watch you break for me, too.”

He grunted loudly and forced more of his weight onto me. “No,” he barked. “You’ll lie there and come for me all fucking day. You’ve pissed me off. And you broke your promise to fuck me every night. I haven’t had you in twenty fucking hours. You’ll pay. For both offenses, you’ll pay dearly.”

He shoved backwards onto his knees and dragged my hips along with him. I gasped in pleasure as his angle inside me changed. Gripping my ass, he picked up speed again, fucking me in the most delicious way possible as I lay spread out before him. His shaft frisked along the top of my core, right along the nerve endings that led to my clit. I threw my hands back to brace myself in the wet grass and sobbed.

I heard him snarl in approval.

My breasts must have been bouncing enticingly as he pounded into me because one of his hands slithered up my stomach and fondled them appreciatively.

“So fucking sexy,” he muttered to himself, squeezing and teasing and making me moan louder with each pass over my hardened nipples.

He grunted with impatience. I felt it boil up in him. He wanted my tits. Right the hell now.

I was hauled up onto his lap as he fell back onto his heels. His pace didn’t slow. Hands still gripping my hips, he dipped his head to my right breast and sucked greedily.

“Yes!” I hissed eagerly, wrapping my arms around his back and planting my feet behind me. With my newfound leverage, I was able to counter his thrusts, slamming down on him as his rose up.

“Yesss,” he agreed with serpentine pleasure. “Fuck me, angel. Give me my fantasy of prim little Sookie mauling my dick like a whore. Fuck me!”

As usual, he chose a strategic moment to provoke me, a moment when I didn’t give a damn what he said because I was too busy mauling his dick like a whore to take offense.

“Come for me, dammit. Right now,” I hissed at him, picking up and slamming down harder onto his hips.

His fangs glinted as he hissed in ecstasy. “No,” he denied flatly, switching to my other breast and devouring it.

I cried his name in frustration. “Don’t make me make you.”

“Make me,” he goaded fearlessly, not even looking up. “Show me that tinkerbells can make big, bad vampires scream.”

It must have been my third cresting orgasm. Or maybe my anger at his insufferable confidence. Or maybe even my desire to prove to myself that, when push came to shove, I could destroy Eric as completely as he did me.

I put one hand against his chest. The other, I slipped between our slamming bodies, turned inward above my soft blonde curls…aimed at his pistoning cock deep within me.

I shot us both.

I screamed. My Light did nothing to me, I merely leapt of the precipice, my body unable to withstand the pleasure he gave me for another second.

Eric roared. My Light not only exploded into his chest and lit him up like the fourth of July, it also torpedoed through my core and detonated across the ten inches of him buried inside me.

I hadn’t shot him in anger, but he fell backwards anyway, howling and spasming as he came in wave after debilitating wave. His load erupted with enough force to jolt me slightly in his lap. Our arms instinctively pythoned around each other as we sobbed our way through its intensity.

My eardrums were pounding. We’d been so damn loud. I shivered violently as he fell onto his back again, taking me with him. Dew and pieces of grass plastered themselves to my skin and left me cold.

Amusingly, I burrowed into my vampire for warmth.

“Wow,” I murmured absently, holding him, petting him, as we slowly came back to earth.

He grunted, but said nothing. Sensing my chill, he wiped my back off and massaged me with coarse, gentle fingers. The sun was getting warmer. Soon muggy heat would replace the morning chill.

Our trembling eased. My panting slowed. His eyes unclouded and recalibrated, seeing everything with telescopic clarity once again.

Finally, we stilled. Through the calm lapping of our bond, I felt his apprehension resurface. He didn’t like being distracted and exposed like this.

We had to get going. What had been a five-minute stop had turned into a thirty-minute battle of sexual wills.

We both made our points. That’s what mattered.

I kissed a line across his chest and conceded. “Thank you for saving me. And protecting the people I love.”

He buried his hands in my hair and lifted my face to his. His expression was soft and thoughtful as his thumbs swept up and down my cheeks. “Thank you for your gift, lover. I never expected to see the sun again.”

I smiled wanly. “I’m sorry I didn’t have time to wrap it.”

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    Seems they are both possessive peeps.

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    mmmm some hot meadow lovin’

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    I love how possessive they are of each other. How neither of them backs down when it comes to proving their love for the other. Love this story!

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    good golly miss molly!!!………what a HOT chapter…(I always seem to be saying that!…)…phew!…*fans self*…..ooh I so adore this fabulous story……and the best thing is that it’s been so long since I last read it that I can barely remember anything!!!….yay for me!!!

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    Both so possessive of each other but can you blame them? Such an intense chapter! Loved it!

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