Chapter 21


Perhaps Sookie had been right.

Back at the mansion, I’d picked her up from where she’d fallen and she’d thanked her god out loud, convinced that he’d killed us both and reunited us in Heaven. Her thanks had upset me at the time. She wasn’t allowed to welcome her death, even if I had met mine. I’d shaken her to her senses, not giving a second thought to her prayer.

But now I lay in a forest on a blindingly bright day, basking in the nude with my love. I’d been suspended and fucked by her luscious cunt, which had clearly been custom-made for my pleasure, as I gazed up into the sun. She’d shown me sexual talents that I’ve never encountered or even heard about. Her Light was evolving. Or she was realizing its fuller potential. With a thought, she had torn my clothes off, sucked me until my dead heart gave out, then resuscitated it so that I couldn’t die under her torment. It was the oldest tool in a torturer’s arsenal. Drive the victim to the brink of death, revive them, then make them endure another bout with hell.

Except her destination hadn’t been Hell. Quite the opposite. She’d shown me how angels fuck the brains out of demons. She’d convinced me that yes, we had died in Sophie Anne’s palatial eyesore, and I was now experiencing Heaven. Namely, getting fucked by Sookie Stackhouse in a forest all our own, her body electrocuting mine, charging me with warmth and light and love until I was left buzzing like industrial power cables. That was my sentence. An eternity of making love in the light.

It was only the pull of my strengthened bond with Hadley, which told me she was now moving south, that kept me tethered to reality.

This was only a temporary Heaven. I couldn’t lie here indefinitely and enjoy the way Sookie’s hips adhered to mine so enticingly, my cock still locked deep in her tight, hot flesh as she hummed softly and traced nonsense on my skin. Ah, but to try. She smelled of sex, sunlight and the wilderness. And remarkably, so did I. The last thing I wanted to do was dress and obscure those new, alluringly human scents that clung to my skin. Sunlight, of all things. And not just the transferred scent of it, as was common when vampires bedded sun-bathing pets. It was the real deal.

Perhaps we didn’t have to leave. Not right away. The werewolf and pet wouldn’t enter Shreveport for more than an hour. I could fly it in twenty minutes.

And it was more than just wanting to lie in the sun with my bonded and enjoy her body. Her behavior was in dire need of address.

Her new little trick, namely. My human was capable of overpowering me physically. And worse, she was capable of injecting me with shot after shot of raw ecstasy until I buckled under the exquisite pleasure.


Clearly, she didn’t appreciate the repercussions of using it against me. She was draped sweetly across me, thoroughly fucked and waiting for me to urge her to her feet once I regained my bearings. She didn’t realize that she’d crossed a line. No one outmaneuvered me and walked away unpunished. And before another distraction, before another goddamn shit storm hit us and kept me out of her arms, she was going to learn that lesson. We had a little time. Just a little time. I wanted what I was owed.

“We’re not finished.”

Sookie looked up from drawing patterns on my chest. Her glazed eyes hadn’t been focused on anything in particular. She blinked a few times, her pupils sharpening.

Her brow furrowed. “Huh?”

I shook my head slowly. “I told you you’d pay. You’ve committed two wrongs against me. You’ve barely paid for one. Another penalty is due, Sookie.”

She smirked impishly. “Pashaw. One of those ‘wrongs’ was getting kidnapped and – through no fault of my own – depriving you of sex. The other was giving you sex. I’m pretty sure they cancel out.”

“Giving me sex, lover? You paralyzed and assaulted me.”

Her eyes grew round, and suddenly she burst into laughter. She lifted up higher and pointedly raked her eyes over my body, significantly larger than her own. “Assaulted you? You gonna cry date rape on me, vampire? You were just walking along, minding your own business, and a 120-pound human lunged out of the bushes and took you by force?” Her whole body shuddered with giggles as she squeezed the dense circumference of my upper arms. Making a point, no doubt. Even if I were human, she’d be no match for me.

I kept my amusement off my face. I grabbed both her hands, holding them together and kissing them wetly. “You drugged me with these. Then you disabled me. More efficiently than silver ever could.”

A dreamy expression crossed her face and she undulated against me, her pussy embracing my presence with teasing little ripples. “Silver is so mean, though. Don’t you prefer my method of disabling you?”

Her wetness was spiking the air and provoking my dick. I shook my head to dispel its drugging affect, but with no success. She was pulling me under again. She didn’t even need her fucking Light to do it. “You’re not allowed to just freeze me at will, sweet Fae. I forbid it.”

She clenched me again in her womb and I hissed. Her smile turned wicked. “Forbid is such ungentlemanly word.”

Enough was enough. I deeply regretted that I didn’t have more time. For this particular lesson, I had planned to set aside weeks. Ease her into it carefully. Educate her on exactly what it meant to take me as a lover. Because it was her, I would have been exceptionally gentle, more than I’d ever been with any woman. Because it was her, I would have spent time denying myself satisfaction to ensure that she found pleasure in my teachings. My body, capable of great force, would have been muzzled, allowed only to caress and soothe and excite.

I could not recall an instance where I’d cared enough to suppress my desires so completely.

But Sookie, as always, broke my patience.

She would have my gentleness. But she would not have time.

Her little stunt required retaliation. Before we left this meadow, I would hear her scream in mindless submission to me.

“Get on your knees.”

Amusement quirked on her side of the bond. I felt her smile as she lowered her lips to my chest, kissing lazily. “Don’t we need to get a move on?”

“No. You’ll do it now.”

Combativeness filled her and suddenly her hips shot upwards, dislodging me from her silky warmth. I hissed in dislike as cool air hit my cock. She’d done it on purpose. My eyes narrowed in disapproval as she smiled primly at me and rose to her knees, one on either side of my waist. Nothing but the sleek skin of a sun goddess filled my vision. Supple thighs flared into two hips that made my fingers itch to cup and pull downward. They dipped into a slim waist, which led to a distractingly feminine tummy and pert, rounded breasts. Even her arms were annoyingly adorable- slender, yet soft and strong. The familiar feeling of being yanked in opposite directions bit deep inside me. I wanted to fuck and drink her until there was nothing left. I wanted to tear my own chest open and place her inside, protecting her fragile body from all the horrors of the world. Destroy her in an orgy of blood and sex. Protect her to the point of destroying myself.

I snorted. Who the fuck was this woman?

She was looking down at me expectantly. She’d done as I’d bade.

Hands and knees, lover. Don’t get cute with me.”

Her eyes lost some of their teasing and she didn’t move from her perch. Usually during sex, I simply tussled us into whatever position I wanted. She was always willing, until she pushed back at me with a preferred position of her own. I loved that about her, never afraid to shove right back. But now I was ordering her. Something I did with most humans. She wasn’t used to it. She didn’t trust it entirely.

“Why? What are you going to do?”

She gasped when she suddenly found herself in the exact position I’d asked, and now had forced. “You question me too much,” I growled from behind her, lowering myself to her ear. Her lush hips filled my hands once again as I crowded them. My knees were between hers, but they were not far enough apart for my liking.

“Spread yourself wider. Arch your back.”

She gasped and tried to look over her shoulder at me. I gripped her hair, gently, but enough to keep her face forward. “Eric?”

“Hush,” I clipped.

Without warning, I slipped my fingers between her deliciously semi-parted thighs. “More,” I commanded again. “I said open up.”

Shivering, she obeyed and opened her knees wider, arching her back, thrusting her ass higher in the air. My fangs ran down at the sight. That ridiculously slim waist amplifying into two perfect globes, and she was offering all of it to me.


The foreign sensation of biological need erupted in me. For a moment, the long-dead man in me wanted to fuck this woman until that tiny waist was slim no longer. My claim to her would be more evident that my bite ever was, swelling her womb with proof of my ownership. My fingers moved firmly through the glossy wetness of her folds. She mewled, twitching against me. I shoved those thoughts aside and concentrated on the task at hand.

She was wet. Pleasantly so. But more was needed.

“Very good, lover,” I praised quietly. “But you must do better.” My fingers were not sensual. They sawed back and forth, teasing more of her sweet lubrication. She bucked and murmured, confused at my tactics, longing for more than I was giving her.

“Better than what?” she asked. “What are you doing to me?”

I enjoyed the small, girlish quality of her voice. So uncertain. Trusting, yet not sure if she ought to. I grinned and continued my fondling, keeping my digits nestled against her, but never penetrating her. I made sure to tap her clit with each pass and she jolted at the unexpected electricity that accompanied them. Fucking right. Little fairies needed to learn they weren’t the only ones capable of shocking their lovers with a single touch.

I huffed at her, releasing her hair and grasping her hip, making her pump on my hand. “More,” I barked. “I need you wet. Wetter than you’ve ever been.”

She cried out, moving her hips as I guided them. Their graceful to and fro strained my leash even more. Without thinking, I abandoned my manual stimulation of her and yanked her against my groin. My cock replaced my fingers, nestling deep between her folds and teasing her from clit to cleft as I resumed our rhythm. Her divine juices instantly coated me. It increased heavily in volume and in perfume.

“Oh, my God,” Sookie moaned in a harsh, throaty voice. “Eric, pleeease!”

“No,” I denied flatly, slamming my hips into hers, priming her with the promise of aggressive sex, yet delivering nothing more than cock petting.

“But I’m wet,” she panted, arching back into me, trying to wrangle me into her body, splaying herself wide and chipping at my precious control. “More than enough to take you.”

“Innocent sweetheart,” I grunted. “Fuck yourself against me if you must. Come if you can, but do not ask for penetration.”

She keened in annoyance and shoved against me hard, working herself into a frenzy. Her outer folds trembled with frustrated stimulation. Her temperature was rising. Her slick essence was the same vintage as the other night in my bar; desperate and ready. I clenched my teeth and bore it. It was agony. With her body spread wide to my gaze, my eyes devoured the golden hue of her skin as it blossomed into virgin pink at her center. Despite fucking me daily, those sweet little folds looked as tight and inviting as a woman who’d never known a man. And between them, she was fulfilling my fantasy; bathing my rigid cock until every inch of it glistened with her need.

“So gorgeous,” I praised, undulating until I was buried tighter between them. “Seeing you like this makes me want to fuck every inch of your body.”

Sookie moaned and shoved backward. The force of her smooth flesh nearly made me pull back and plunge straight into where she wanted me so badly. I yanked her into me instead, slamming my balls against her core.

“Pleeease!” she cried out. “Eric, I need you! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll say anything you want! Just fuck me! Ungh!”

“I will fuck you,” I promised, exploding in speed. “I’ll fuck you as you fucked me. Now come. Drench my cock like a good girl.”

She screamed as her superficial orgasm broke through her.

“Fuck you!” she moaned in disappointment, the small relief doing nothing to ease her desire. Such a shallow climax would never sate my Fae ordinarily. If my plan was to end now, she wouldn’t speak to me for weeks, I was certain.

My jaws were still locked tight as I eased her down, pumping slower. Her wetness had soaked me from base to tip and dripped to the grass beneath us. It was sufficient.

With her mind still fuzzy from the tame waves of fondling, I withdrew from between her folds and nestled my tip against the taut aperture of her ass.

I gave her as much warning as she’d given me.

I pressed forward knowing that my slick head would help breach her, as would her relaxed muscles that were still tingling from dopamine.

Sookie gasped and stiffened under my hands. “What are you doing?”

I smiled tightly. “Fucking you, lover. What does it feel like?”

I pressed very slowly, easing back and forth to help loosen this obvious virgin territory. I had not asked, but I’d suspected as much. Bill had not taken her this way.

“But…” she gasped again, her hips tensing in my hands. I massaged them, willing her to stay spread and calm. “But, this is…it’s not…”

“You fucked me with Light until I broke for you,” I reminded her. An inch of me was engulfed in the hottest, tightest Nirvana I’d ever known. It took all of my concentration to talk. “Now I’m fucking you in the ass until you break for me.”

“Eric.” My name was stiff in her mouth. “But you’re too…too big…” She let out another gasp as she endured the initial pressure. Indeed, I was big. And she was mind-blowingly narrow. My eyes rolled back as she accepted another inch.

“Relax, Sookie,” I soothed through grit teeth. “It will get easier. Trust me, lover. Do you trust me?”

She was shivering now. Her small frame vibrated between my hands, but she did not pull away. I continued to pump carefully, noting with satisfaction that her wetness was adequately lubricating her delicate flesh and granting me deeper access. I grunted in delicious torture as she murmured, “Yes, baby. I trust you. But it’s just so – oh!”

She cut off and groaned long and gratified.

I felt it. The clenched barrier had relaxed. My entry was now embraced. Still gloriously tight, her body accepted more of me without resistance. Now she would know. She’d understand how it felt to be shocked, fucked and delirious. It was only fair.

“Oh, my God,” she mewled softly. Her whole body melted under me. Her arms collapsed under her weight and her head fell to the ground as I eased another two inches inside her.

“Yessss,” I encouraged. “Take me, Sookie. So tight. So innocent. Beautiful…angelic little…aaaagh!” I lost my words as her tight walls contracted around me. She was pulling me in.

“More,” she rasped desperately, pushing back, though not as recklessly as before. “Fuck me more. I can’t believe this feels so good!”

More than halfway inside her, I suspended my dive and began to pump briskly, my deeper groans joining her soft ones. “Wanted this,” I gritted out. “Wanted this from the moment I saw you.”

Not easily broken, my lover provoked, “Fucking my ass while I begged you for more?”

“Fffffuck!” I swore darkly. I sank another inch against my will, her words fraying my precious control. “Watch your mouth or I’ll split you in half.”

She was quickly going mad with pleasure. Her hair tossed back and forth, glinting in the light. She squirmed restlessly, seeking a relief she hadn’t even known existed. Thousands of nerve endings, dormant until now, crushed my cock in desperation, aching for release. I should have known she’d be an apt pupil. I had only just begun, convinced she would eventually adjust to this newness. I’d had no doubts she would bloom under such intimate instruction.

We are so similar, she and I. Her sexual appetite had no patience for my gentleness.

“Errric!” she moaned. “Please,” she begged. “You’re being so careful. I can feel your need to be careful, but I want more. Please? Just a little more?”

I’d been grasping her hips, preventing them from driving back too forcefully onto my cock. I knew what she wanted, but I couldn’t risk her tearing her feminine flesh. I cursed and gripped them harder. “Stop moving,” I instructed. “You’ll injure yourself.”

She squeaked and stilled, arching her back to the point of cracking, giving me all the access I could ever dream of. “Yes!” she agreed breathlessly. “God, you’re driving me crazy!”

“Then we’re even,” I muttered, pressing slowly until, to my astonishment, she’d accepted me fully. “Jesus fucking Christ,” I gasped harshly. “Perfect girl. Perfect, infuriating, wondrous girl.”

Holding her tightly, I began to thrust. All of me.

I had taken both women and men this way. I had been aggressive. I had fucked them, both whore and novice, until the inevitable wave of euphoria took me. I had known all depths. All levels of experience. All degrees of willingness.

But nothing compared to this.

“Sookie,” I moaned reverently.

She moaned with me, her head thrown back in rapture. She moved with me, rocking her hips in perfect unison with mine.

I swore loudly, cursing her for beguiling me again. My control was crushed. My lesson forgotten. I was blind again. Overpowered again. Yes, I was fucking her. But once again, she’d managed to introduce me to another alien sexual experience. We were also making love. Gentle, trusting, mutual love.

I bit down on my lip as bliss gripped me. “Tell me,” I pleaded. “Tell me you feel it, too.”

“Errric.” The sweetest moan of pleasure man had ever been responsible for. “You love me,” she crooned, looking back over her shoulder. Her smile was drugged with scrumptious satisfaction as I worked her unexplored channel with a master’s proficiency. Every fuck of my life had been in preparation for the crescendo of Sookie Stackhouse. She was a masterpiece. She deserved my thousand years of training.

“Yes,” I replied, daring to move slightly faster.

“I feel it,” she whispered. Her hips swirled under my hands and bent me in a tight figure-eight. I growled deep in my chest. “I’m so close,” she whimpered, moving faster, matching my pace with her figures. “It’s so different. I didn’t know it could feel like this.”

“Come for me,” I urged her, my cock quickly overtaking my determination. If she didn’t come soon, I would suffer the additional indignity of climaxing before my human lover. When I filled Sookie’s ass with my seed for the first time, she was going to be a screaming, shivering tangle of limbs. Anything less was disgraceful.

“I want to,” she groaned as we surged together. “Talk to me. Anything. Just lemme hear your voice.”

I snarled quietly. “My voice?”

She nodded frantically, bucking uncontrollably. “So deep,” she murmured distractedly. “So scary…safe…angry…you.”

I couldn’t bear it. I fell forward, catching myself on one hand beside hers, covering her back with my chest. The change in angle made us moan with pleasure.

Talk to you?” I switched to Swedish. “Shall I tell you how many thousands I would kill for you?

My free hand roved forcefully along her belly before cupping each breast in turn. “Yes!” she panted, turning her head my way, seeking my kiss. I gave it to her.

Shall I frighten you with how violent you make me?

She pressed soft, uncomprehending kisses to my lips as I manipulated her nipples between my fingers. I could still taste her blood in my mouth. I was nearly undone. I needed her to break soon or I was finished.

Shall I atone for losing you to the queen? Or is this sweetness your forgiveness?

“So close,” she whispered, moving her kiss to my cheek. “So close, Eric.”

I’m a slave,” I admitted in words she didn’t understand. “Your slave. Show me that you’re my slave, as well.

She went rigid beneath me. The tight confines of her passage collapsed, dragging me into euphoric madness.

She came screaming my name as I came screaming hers. I had fallen prey to my own teachings. Never would Sookie break for me, not unless she took me with her.

I jetted hot and hard into her body, trembling and shouting in a dozen antique tongues. My instincts overwhelmed me. I bucked hard against her, my entire body demanding entry. Every buck was met with hungry acceptance. Had it been possible, Sookie would have sheltered all of me. I roared at her loving nature. It hypnotized me.

She moaned again, the last of her shivers passing through me.

“Oh, my God,” Sookie stammered softly. “Oh my God, Jesus God, I…”

I rose up slightly, sliding my hands up and down her curves.

“Beautiful,” I murmured, pressing kiss after kiss between her shoulder blades. “So goddamn sweet and beautiful.”

“Eric, I -,” she gasped as I withdrew from her carefully. I could have happily stayed buried there for the rest of my life, but it wasn’t prudent to remain in that particular place. Her flesh needed to recuperate. Despite our debilitating pleasure, micro-tears might have surfaced.

I pricked my finger. “Yes, lover?” I salved the outer flesh with my blood, healing any possible wounds.

She gasped again, twisting towards me. “Am I hurt?”

“I won’t allow the possibility.”

“Oh.” Her voice was small.

My separation from her felt unnatural. We weren’t close enough. She was never close enough. I folded into an Indian-style seat and pulled her sideways into my lap. She came easily. Once I settled her, I swept her hair from her neck and buried my nose against her throat, breathing deeply. Of all of her scents, this was my favorite smelling Sookie. Fairy blood. Youth. Clean sweat. Sex. Pleasure. My blood. My semen. Me.

She put her arms around my neck and sighed.

“That was amazing,” she said.

I nodded, not raising my head. “For me as well.”

She cocked her head, allowing my lips to join my nose against her. “Are you hungry?” Her tone suggested she was curious, not simply offering.

I shook my head. She always pricked my bloodlust, but now was not the time.

She laughed softly. “So you just want to cuddle?”

I chuckled at the term. “I crave your nearness, yes. It calms me.”

“You’re always calm.”

“Correction, lover. I’m always still. My mind is rarely calm.”

I felt her facial muscles widen against my forehead. A smile. “And I calm you?”


Happiness bubbled from her mind to mine. It was astonishing how such unvarnished things as honesty pleased her.

“I almost lost you today. You calm me. You offer yourself to me in every way. If I were to give you a gift for these things, what would you ask for, Sookie?”

I lifted my head in time to see her eyes light up. “Will you help me with my book?” She looked over her shoulder to the tome resting in the grass near our clothes. She looked back at me and shrugged her shoulders. “The language is old. I can’t make sense of a lot of it. But I think it might help explain what happened back there.”

I snorted. “Done. Now ask for a proper gift.”

She made a face. “Decent folks don’t ask for gifts, Eric. It’s rude.”

“Tell me what you desire, or I’ll simply add another story to your house.”

Her eyes rounded. “You wouldn’t.”

“Or I’ll tear your sad little car into scrap and replace it with my Lotus.”

She slapped at my chest. “Hush! I don’t want your damn car. It looks like something a strip club owner would drive.”

I laughed and tugged her closer, my nose bumping hers. “Tell me,” I crooned softly. “Tell me tell me tell me.”

She huffed and gave an inch. “Flowers. Send me flowers.”

“The rarest orchids in the world. Fifty of them.”

“Ugh!” she cried. “Daisies.”

“Daisies are weeds.”

“Yeah, well orchids are sissies. They always die, no matter what you do.”

“I’ll hire you a botanist to take care of them.”

Sookie quivered in my lap, giggling. “I said daisies. Anything fancier is coming back to you as mulch.”

“So cruel,” I purred, kissing her languidly. “You would kill my gift?”

Her teasing smile softened and she kissed me back, levering up in my lap. “You,” she whispered simply. “I want you. That’s all.”

I growled, clutching her tighter. “My love,” I kissed the words below her ear. “That is something you will never lose.”

She shivered and nodded.

“We should go,” she mumbled, regret tugging the corners of her mouth. “I want to get home and make sure Hadley’s okay.”

I bit my tongue and nodded. I would not anger her by censuring those she loved. Her ability to love so completely was one of the many things that drew me to her. To criticize its recipients would do nothing but spark an argument. Instead, I stood, holding her up in my arms. She slid to her feet, her hands reluctant to leave my neck. She stayed pressed to me, looking up into my eyes.

“Promise me we get to be normal soon. Just you and me, working and sunrises and making love in an actual bed.”

My forearms locked around her waist. She pulled up. I lowered down. We met in the middle, angel and demon, kissing hard.

“Soon,” I promised her.

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