Chapter 29


Blood. Bloodbloodbloodbloodblood.

It danced in Sookie. The air fucking throbbed with it and created a high-pitched drone in my ears. Sookie and the full fairy were talking, her irritating, pink cupcake dress fluttering in the morning breeze, but all I heard was muffled noise. My fangs and my cock were so stiff, it felt like all three were going to crack under the stimulus.

I put my hands on my mate, hoping to quell the need to break her in half and feast on the fountain of blood that would erupt. Warm, silky skin met my fingertips and made me groan with pleasure. My eyes rolled. Her smell was so sweet that bloody tears threatened to fill them.

Unaware, she continued her conversation like she wasn’t in serious fucking trouble. Mild irritation arced towards me. She was annoyed that I couldn’t leave her alone. I, in turn, was annoyed at Claudine. She needed to leave. She needed to leave and Sookie needed to be naked. She also needed to hook an IV directly into from my arm to hers to take my blood, because I was about ready to take a rivers of hers and I didn’t want her passing out from blood loss.

Almost ready to kill the fairy, I rose up from my lover’s throat enough to join the conversation. I snapped at Claudine and asked the only question I gave a fuck about.

After some prerequisite snitting, she answered. Sookie would now live as long as myself. As a bonus, I could no longer injure her. And she would remain as she was- young and beautiful. Edible only by me.

I didn’t even question how such miracles were possible.

My mind roared with triumph and I dove back for her throat, fully planning to live out the rest of my life plastered against her skin, drinking and fucking and laughing my ass off with her. My pleasure flooded over Sookie’s anxiety, completely drowning it out. Her initial objections to becoming immortal were normal. Many vampires had them, as well. Invariably, those objections disappeared once they experienced the joy of feeding for the first time, or running, or seeing and hearing the world around them with more clarity than their human senses have ever allowed. Youth and power always won out over the paltry notion that all people should eventually die.

Correction: Most people should eventually die. The extraordinary should live. Forever.

Sookie had joined those ranks. And what’s more, she’d snuck into them without relinquishing her beating heart and charming humanity. Was it her god or mine that had granted me this? Regardless, I would pray to them all and thank them.

Sookie continued to tremble in my arms, frightened of this glorious news.

She asked for her book back. The fairy refused. I insinuated she best do as my lover asked. I had no issue with killing the woman. Just rip her throat out and let her bleed out, her priceless blood watering the lawn as the light died in her eyes.

Fear spiked in Sookie and the air around the fairy grew thick. I prepared to move faster than the fairy could disappear, but then the unthinkable happened. In a panic, Sookie kissed my fingers, and froze me.

The animal inside me went crazy, howling and snarling as it fought madly against her hold. “Lover,” I hissed. “Let me go.” I roared in frustration, my arms and legs almost popping under the strain of my will against hers.

Her eyes were trained on her kin. “One second,” she promised me.

Now, I snarled silently. Now! Now! Now! Now!

Smugness filled Claudine’s expression as she took in my helplessness. Bitch. “You’ve learned to Still. Excellent.” No fucking shit. Sookie rhymed with cookie, and a smart cookie she was at that. I had no illusions that she wouldn’t pick up every Fae trick there was to learn. That still didn’t mean she got to use them against me. I hissed openly at Claudine, furious that she was party to my weakness.

Sookie kissed me again. “You can’t threaten her. We need her.”

“Let me go, Sookie.”

Sookie took twenty seconds longer than she should have to assure the fairy she could keep the tome and beg her not to pop away. In those twenty seconds, I projected to her that her gentle introduction to ass fucking was nothing compared to what she was in for, now that she had Stilled me a second time, especially since she’d done so in front of a potential enemy. Stilling me while she sucked my cock was one thing, Stilling me to assuage an overbearing sprite was another.

Once the I Dream of Genie bitch was content with Sookie’s promises, she released me. My body unfurled from its prison, my arms itching to arc their full wingspan and smash the fairy’s head between my hands.

“Stay calm. Or I’ll do it again,” Sookie warned me. My mate truly had balls as big as her tits.

She would learn the full extent of my displeasure in private. For now, I retracted my fangs and complied. For now. “Fine.”

Satisfied that she’d tamed me sufficiently, she turned to the haughty waif and asked a question. The word she used had the power to Still me all on its own.

“What the hell is a scion?”

The color in Claudine’s golden skin paled. Her own fluid grace froze and she clutched the book as though it might deflect us. “I…I’m afraid that I’m not able to give you that answer. There’s much you don’t under-,”

“Cut the crap,” Sookie clipped, stomping her foot in frustration. “You said it the minute you saw me. And I remember that word from the book. Some prophesy of the Fae blah blah something omen of amelioration and two beating hearts? Blah blah?” Her brow arched expectantly.

Claudine paled further, her eyes lowering to the ground.

A scion? What the hell was she talking about?

“Amalgamation,” Claudine corrected quietly. “The Omen of Amalgamation.”

My eyes flickered over the tome again. “Answer her question,” I said. “Why did you call her a scion?”

It didn’t surprise me to hear that the book contained such a verse. In my many years, I had heard such predictions amongst other supes. The werepanthers had their ghost daddy myth. Some werewolves believed an Alpha would be delivered onto them and unite them across the world as a single pack. Even several of the demon species believed their would be a Moses-like savior with horns who would materialize and turn their dark, angry lives into a Dinseyland of candy and blood. Vampires had no such belief. Each of us were progenies, the scion of the maker who chose us. We needed no Moses. The promised land was any land with warm bodies.

Still, I had not seen this prophesy in the tome. Another reason I wanted to snatch it from the fairy.

The fairy took a short, shaking breath, letting her gaze drift cautiously back to Sookie. Or rather, Sookie’s hips.

“You don’t understand,” she whispered. “Something has happened. Something very… wrong. It cannot be and I must return and consult with the others-,”

“You’ll do no such thing,” I informed her. “You will answer her, fairy. What the fuck are you talking about? And quit stalling.”

With that, she gave a delicate snort of exasperation. Clearly, she did not take kindly to my tone. Like I gave a fuck. If she attempted to pop away now, I’d make she left at least one limb behind.

Sookie felt my musings. Rather than get angry, she simply ran her fingertips over my arm. Small electrical currents trailed over my skin at her touch, the fine hairs standing up straight at her affection. Much like the rest of me. A contented grunt pushed out of my chest without my permission. Sookie smiled softly. She was slowly losing her shyness at loving displays in front of others. Her fingers came to a halt at my wrist and closed over it gently. Did she want to keep her hands on me, in case she needed to Still me again? I smirked despite my anger at the thought.

Claudine’s attention had not wandered from Sookie’s body.

“Answer!” I barked.

She flinched. “All right!” she cried with equal fervor, reeling back and pacing away from us in frustration. She shook the book, strangling it. “There is a prophesy. An ancient prophesy. It foretells of a Coming, of a Scion created from the purest Light who would wield untold power. It’s…it’s said that not only would the Scion defy mortality…he…he…” She stopped pacing, palming the tome with baleful eyes. “He would defy death in all forms.”

Sookie shook her head, confused. “A fairy that couldn’t die? Couldn’t be killed? By anything?”

Claudine nodded slowly at the book.

“Wow,” Sookie breathed. “But…why? I mean… what’s the whole story? An unkillable fairy who…what? Saves the fairies from vampires? Or unites their factions? Leads them into the desert?”

I snorted. Clearly, my lover and I thought along the same lines.

There was a lost, almost frightened look at the ancient creature’s face that did not sit well with me. “It isn’t known, cousin. Only that a perfect cataclysm of events would need to precipitate his arrival.”

Useless. Utter, literal fairytale nonsense. “And you believe Sookie to be this unkillable Frankenfairy?” I posed blandly.

Her eyes narrowed with intense dislike. “Don’t be stupid. Sookie’s Light is not pure. Golden and beautiful, but not pure. All fairies’ Lights reflect slight colors. She is not the Scion.”

Sookie stomped her foot again, mirroring my anger at this woman’s cagey bullshit. “Then why the hell did you bring it up?”

“Because,” she whispered, gesturing to Sookie once again. “Another Light illuminates you now. Your Radia shines brightly in Eric. But another… a new Radia… has surfaced here.” She reached out and brushed her fingertips against the front of Sookie’s shorts. Sookie flinched, taking a step back, away from the caress.

“It is clear,” Claudine continued in a hushed voice. “A Light with no color. No color and strong.” She looked at us both fearfully. “Very strong.”

Sookie took a slow, wet drag of air. I could almost hear her thinking without the benefit of being in her mind. For my part, I simply stared at her godmother with distant pity. Clearly, this magical creature had lost her mind. I arrived at this conclusion and accepted it with no trouble. It happened often enough. Immortals who eventually lived out their own sanity. I wondered vaguely if the post of fairy godmother was more of an occupation than a family tie. I hoped so, as Sookie was going to need a replacement once the Fae community sectioned this woman and gave her a nice, unpoppable padded room.

She had to be crazy. She was insinuating that Sookie was pregnant. And not only pregnant, but pregnant with the Second Coming. She was staring at my cock’s favorite place on earth and seeing the Messiah. While I agreed Sookie’s pussy was Heaven, it was time to state the obvious.

“What you’re suggesting is ludicrous, fairy. Sookie cannot carry, as she is bonded to a vampire. You know this. Idiot little human toddlers know this. Stop upsetting my mate with your biblical bullshit.”

The whimsical woman almost spat in my direction, such was her contempt. “Do not lecture me on what is possible, vampire.”

“I state a matter of fact. Vampires are sterile.”

“Vampires are incompatible with humans. That is not the same thing.”

I snorted. “We are incompatible with all beings. There is no exception.” Honestly. This woman and I were too old to be discussing the ABCs of our world.

Sookie’s voice was small and distant when she spoke from my arms. “But we are the first.”

I looked down at her blonde head, cooling my heated tone and nudging her gently. Her eyes were glassy, as if she were suddenly far away. “What?” I asked.

She looked to Claudine. “The other day, right here on the grass… you said we were the first fairy and vampire to bond. Isn’t that right?”

The woman nodded.

Sookie looked up at me with a startled, hollowed look on her face. “We’re the only fairy-human-vampire couple in the whole world.”

I shook my head harder, annoyed that Claudine was infecting her with this crap. I looked at her accusingly. “We are not Man and Woman in the garden of Eden, goddammit. I’m not a man at all.”

“Magic is not beholden to your limited understanding of genetics,” she replied dryly. “I tell you only what I see. My cousin is Lit with a Light not her own. And it is perfect.”

I saw nothing but a baby tee and shorts with a limited lifespan. Her Jesus sighting in my lover’s womb carried as much consequence as his appearance to other morons in clouds and hard water stains.

“But…” Sookie objected in the same small voice. I could feel her confusion rising up into a distant wall of panic that was beginning to gain speed as it slowly made its way towards her. “But… the book! The book said something! Something about two beating hearts, remember? In order to make a third? If the Scion needs beating hearts to be created, then it’s NOT possible. Eric is dead. He might be warm, but his heart is stone still and I can tell you that for a fact.”

Sookie beamed up at me, confident that she’d just put the matter to rest and Claudine could now exit left to the nearest crazy house. The little gap between her teeth flashed endearingly at me.

A small, cold finger reached out and touched the warm marrow of my spine. I inhaled on instinct.

My unbeating heart clenched in my chest. It had a secret, you see. A small, innocent secret, so inconsequential that I’d never even bothered to confide it to my loving little tinkerbell.

Claudine didn’t open the tome to confirm Sookie’s recollection of the phrasing. Apparently, she knew it to be true. She merely watched me, waiting for me to explain. She knew, that bitch. She was so sure of her reading of Sookie’s new, mysterious Light, that clearly I must have an explanation that accounted for this snag in the wording.

I made my mouth work very carefully. The words that formed felt like undetonated bombs. “Two beating hearts, Claudine?” I asked cautiously. “Is this true? Does Sookie remember correctly?”

She still made no move to open the large book. She nodded again. “Yes,” she confirmed. “Of Bonde unique cometh the Scion,” she recited. “Prophesied of Fae, Augury of the invisible world. The Omen of Amalgamation, the twist, the deed of Equalibrium
Of beating hearts twain, come one. From the once, come thrice.”

My vampiric memory seized the words and stored them for all eternity under “Holy Fucking Shit”. That file had grown considerably larger in the last two weeks.

Sookie’s brow creased with confusion at my mind’s upheaval while Claudine cocked her head and waited for my verbal grenades to lose their pins.

I looked down at my darling angel. “When we make love, your Light restores me.” I traced her jaw lovingly. “For one single beat, I am a living man.”

Her frown deepened. A blush crept into her cheeks. Affectionate displays were one thing. She blanched at discussing sex in front of family. “But-,”

“You’ve shot me many times, lover,” I cut in gently. “In your arms, I am more alive than I’ve ever been, even more than when I actually lived.”

“You never said anything.”

“The act was so brief, and seemed such a small thing. Coming inside of you lays me to waste. You burn me inside-out until there’s nothing left of me but ashes and joy. What’s a single heartbeat compared to such devastation?”

Her blush rose into her hairline and she turned into my chest and away from Claudine. I had embarrassed her. The admission cost me nothing, however. The truth was that my occasional beating heart didn’t even make the top ten of amazing occurrences in my connection with Sookie. It was novel, to be sure, as if a butterfly fluttered briefly in my chest, but it couldn’t compare to the other delights she’d introduced me to.

Now, I looked down at her with a dawning fear that perhaps those beats had created more than just butterfly ghosts.

I set Sookie carefully to one side and leaned purposefully towards Claudine. She flinched, retreating one step.

I spoke slowly. “Are you saying that Sookie carries my child?”

She blinked between the two of us. Sookie’s pulse shot up. She gasped softly. The word ‘child’ settled over the three of us.

The fairy swallowed. She too spoke slowly. “I do not know.”

“You cannot be serious,” Sookie spoke up with more force than she had for the entire conversation. “That’s just Bedlamite, bizarro, batshit crazy.”

I didn’t drop my gaze from the fairy, although Sookie’s alliteration distracted me slightly. “What do you mean, ‘you don’t know’?”

“The Light of the Scion resides in her, vampire. I cannot say if an actual child holds that Light. The prophesy tells of no child. Neither vampires nor fairies procreate in that fashion. But Sookie is mostly human. The Light is in her womb and nowhere else. Both of your hearts were beating as you consummated your union. It is a natural assumption that your bonded carries your child.”

Fuck that,” Sookie sputtered. “Nuts to your child theory, or miniature fanged fairy, or whatever you’re suggesting. I’ll tell you what I tell incompetent sales people, Claudine. I wanna speak to your manager.” Her eyes were unnaturally bright as she poked her finger into the book that guarded her godmother’s chest. “I wanna talk to Mab.”

I blinked rapidly. “The fairy queen? She is real?”

Claudine ignored me. “Out of the question, given your last visit. She feels much anger at your desertion.”

Sookie’s visit. She had yet to tell me anything about her time there.

Her lips pursed. “You’re the one throwing Scions around, lady. I’m pretty sure she’ll want to weigh in on this, plus I want a second opinion.”

As did I. I was still fairly convinced that Claudine was mad. Not only was a second opinion required, I was also keen to meet this queen. Until thirty seconds ago, she had been a fictional character in stories so ancient, they made the Grimm brothers look like the Cohen brothers. Tales of her power were rivaled only by tales of her cruelty. If Sookie had already met her, I was eager to ask her if the stories were true, and if so, how had my lover walked away from her displeasure without punishment. Or, if she had been punished, ask her if she would like another queen’s heart presented to her as penance for not protecting her. She had not been mine at the time, but that was irrelevant. Anyone who injured Sookie could be sure that I would string their dead heart along with the others and decorate her fucking Christmas tree with them, if that was her wish.

Claudine, ignorant of my thoughts, mulled over Sookie’s reasonable request before assenting.

“Very well. I shall speak to her majesty.”

“Quickly,” I replied. “This absurd possibility must be dealt with immediately. I have enough to contend with regarding Sookie’s safety.”

Her mind brushed mine dismissively. “I’m fine,” she spoke aloud. “Don’t be silly.”

I ignored her. Claudine bowed fractionally to us, took a deep breath, and popped away.

Sookie gasped as I tore her shorts from her body and threw her to the ground without ceremony. I’d already forgotten what we’d been discussing. I’d already forgotten Claudine had been with us at all. Fairy magic glittered in the air and amplified in Sookie. Bad girl, smelling so good and dressing so slutty. She had this coming. For several reasons.

“Now,” I began softly as she stared up at me with wide eyes. “Which offense would you like to pay for first?”

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  1. treewitch703 says:

    Mutual consent to the game of she asked for it? How does ;that go over? I’m willing to suspend the rules for the sake of the story – I’m wondering if everyone was.

  2. theladykt says:

    lol for E being upset at sookie stilling him again.

    oooh Eric made a baby. Hee Hee.

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    uh oh sookie stilled him in front of someone bad girl..

  4. hartvixen123 says:

    Very very interesting. I like that this chapter was in Eric’s POV since he would be most likely to have heard of such a prophecy. I’m sure Sookie’s thoughts are going haywire.

  5. geenakmom says:

    Wow! What will this mean for them? Loved this chapter! Surprised Eric kept it together so long in front of Claudine. Oh Sookie is in big trouble for using Still on him.

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