Chapter 30


I stood shaking on the grass, the sun starting to grow warm on the top of my head. Claudine was gone. There was nothing except Eric beside me, his pulsing desire growing even crazier as my godmother’s residual magic shimmered in the air.

You know those machines at the batting cages? The ones that throw pitch after pitch to help you hone your swing? The last fifteen minutes had kinda felt like that. I stood in front of her like an idiot without a bat and took each fastball right to the face. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

I was going to live indefinitely. Thwack!

I was going to stay twenty-six forever. Thwack!

Anyone who tried to separate Eric and I would meet an ugly fight. Thwack!

And the line drive that flew out of left field? I might be preggo (Thwack!) with Eric’s vampairy baby. THWACK!

What the fucking FUCK?

The whole thing was so ridiculous that I wanted to laugh until tears streamed down my face.

Then suddenly she was gone and I was half-naked on the ground. Thwack!

Eric towered over me, his normally light eyes almost onyx with lust as residual fairy dust made him drunk and unpredictable. His blonde head was sunlit from behind and made him look like a sinister angel. He took an aggressive step forward, and on instinct, I set one palm back, inching away. Perhaps unpredictable was the wrong word. I knew exactly what he wanted.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, I gave him a tremulous smile. “I liked those shorts.”

“As did I.”

He was always roughest with the things he liked best. “We should probably talk.”

He shook his head once. “Later.”

My other palm reached back and I crab-walked backwards another step. I was still barefoot. All I had on was a pair of black lace panties and a baby tee. I felt like every naked, stupid, devirginized girl in B horror films, the ones who meet sticky, screaming ends fifteen minutes into the movie.

His head cocked to one side as he caught the scent of my arousal at the thought. Dropping to his knees, he knuckled towards me, driving every thought from my head except that I’d been a very, very bad girl.

He crawled forward one pace.

I retreated the same distance.

God, he was so scary looking with the wild glint in his eyes as he glanced at the panties and shirt. I could hear his brain calculating the quickest, most efficient means of disposal. A clothing serial killer.

I guess I’d have to have a panic attack about eternal youth and maybe-babies later. Right now, I simply had to take my medicine.

I licked my lips. “You said something about offenses? What, pray tell, have I done to offend you?”

He reached out and snatched my ankle. I cried out, helpless as he slowly dragged me back. He didn’t stop until I was halfway underneath him. I briefly thought about struggling, but what was the point? I felt my pulse explode and my breath hitch. I was in big trouble.

“You,” he walked his fingers over the front of my panties, “are going to tell me.” I flinched and gasped as his fingertips struck haphazardly over my clit. Suddenly a loud rip tore the air and my t-shirt was gone. My breasts spilled out, bare and glossy from my recent shower. His mind rose even larger in mine, dark and hungry. My thoughts weren’t my own as I became hopelessly aroused by tight and hot and wet.

I jutted my chin defiantly. “Not a damn thing,” I denied hotly. “I was nothing but polite, just like my momma taught me.”

He leaned down slowly and took one of my pearled nipples into his mouth. I groaned long and husky as he sucked and nibbled. I bit my lip and chanted silently, Don’t give in, Don’t give in, Don’t give in.

His fingers didn’t stop. They kept skating over the rough-soft material over my most sensitive area, teasing me with the knowledge that he could rip the soaked scrap of lace to shreds with a flick. He switched to my other breast, listening to my internal mantra with amused disdain. Oh lordy, my momma would have fainted dead away.

“You’re mistaken,” he replied. “And you’re going to answer for it. You’re going to lie here and list all your misdeeds while I lick you out,” he said conversationally. “If you wish for relief, you’ll apologize for each and every one of them.”

My throat closed up and I gasped for air, my eyes rolling as my treacherous body arched up into his threat. I cursed it, furious that it gave up with so little a fight. My nipples felt like little white flags, waving frantically and offering themselves in reparation. My thighs fell open as he crawled between them, fully clothed. The scratch of fabric and stubble over my eager skin made my whole reproductive system throb and clench.

Stupid Everlast Bond and maybe-baby. They were clearly fucking with my determination. They amplified all the girly bits in me and ordered them to spread wide and submit to getting pawed.

Eric paid no heed to my struggles.

“And then,” he continued, tonguing the notch between my collarbone as his hips bumped roughly into mine. “You’re going to get on your knees and suck my forgiveness out of me.”

I moaned at his vulgarity.

“No, I won’t,” I argued lamely. Yeah, right. I could already taste his cock in my mouth and was furious that it wasn’t in there already.

He chuckled low at my lie. Flattening his tongue, he painted a quick line straight down my body and stabbed it against my panties.

I flailed as electric bolts exploded down my legs. “Eric!”

“Lover,” he stabbed hard again. I whimpered pathetically, hoping he’d take pity on me. Stupid, stupid Sookie. I should have remembered that I’d Chosen a pitiless man. “Start at the beginning,” he ordered, threading his fingers into the lace and ripping it open, one delicate strand at a time. “Swallow your pride. Spread your legs. And tell me how you wronged me.”

My underwear was history. It was just as well. They were dripping wet.

“I…I didn’t do anyth-,”

“Touch your tits,” he growled softly, hovering just over where I needed him most. “Display them. Remind me of how fucking beautiful they are.”

“Ungh,” I moaned, arching up into his words. My hands went to my breasts with no shame, desperate to relieve the ache I felt in them. I cupped them, my middle fingers sliding over my nipples as I offered them to him. This pleased him. He rewarded me with a small Fuck-Me smile before he lowered his lips to me. “I don’t tire,” he reminded me. I could feel the cool air stirring around his words on my hot skin. “I’ll eat you for hours, Sookie, except I won’t let you come. Don’t beg. Don’t reason. Just confess. I am a cruel, hard man.” Threat finished, he descended. My pussy was so ready that it spasmed in disappointment when he bypassed it at the last second. I screamed in sweet frustration as he bit my inner thigh with his blunt teeth, sucking and nibbling the poor, unsuspecting nerves there, leaving – no shit- a hickey on me.

“Eeeeric!” I screamed again, trying desperately to escape the overstimulation. He held me down with ease.

“Tell me!” he barked, sinking his fingers into my ass to keep me still. He ran his tongue lightly over my folds. It would take a million years of that to get me off.

“Bastard,” I croaked. My back arched completely until I was offering him everything on a wet Sookie platter.

“Tell. Me.”

“Ugh!” I cried in frustration. “I…I Stilled you. I Stilled you after you told me I wasn’t allowed to.”

Gratitude shot from my pussy right into the roots of my hair as Eric began licking in earnest. The pointed tip of his tongue struck my clit repeatedly while his fingertips petted my opening softly. I sobbed with pleasure.

But it didn’t last. No sooner had I admitted it when his movements began to slow. Panicked, I spoke again. “I didn’t listen! You took me in the ass to punish me last time, but I didn’t listen! I took away your ability to protect me. I…oh God…please, baby…I need to learn my lesson.”

That did it. I didn’t mean a damn word of it, but it did the trick. The delicious pressure returned and a mammoth orgasm was coming to pay a visit. But my addled brain knew that orgasm would never make it unless I continued to repent.

“I wore shorts to seduce you,” I confessed, gasping as a single finger slipped into my core. I clenched it gratefully and made a strange trilling, happy noise. Wanting another finger, I elaborated. “I wanted you to see my legs and remember how they feel wrapped around your ass. I…oh, fuck…I wanted you to wonder if I’d done it on purpose. God, baby please! I need you so bad. Want you sososo much.”

He broke suction over my clit and turned his face to the side. I shrieked as he rubbed his stubble over the whole area, blowing my brains out with the overkill sensation of a cheese grater on silk. My body went rigid and I screamed as the intensity bordered on exquisite pain.

I almost unspooled right there. Damn him, this wasn’t fair! I was getting mauled by his deliciously fuckable body, but not actually fucked. I hated him so much! And there was nothing I could do except offer more concessions.

“I smell good,” I shot in the dark. “I’m a fucking honeypot and it drives you crazy.”

I got my second finger. My eyes went blind as his lips closed over my clit and gave me a deep, tonguing suck that rivaled the world’s best blowjob.

“Ungh!” I cried. “I drive you crazy. When you met me, you thought sticking your cock and your fangs into me would help, but it only makes it worse. You want me so bad, and it’s never going to go away. You can fuck me a million times, but it’ll never be enough. I broke you without even trying. You broke…for a fairy waitress in Bumfuck, Louisiana.”

Hearing myself voice his biggest, deepest weakness gave me the rush of power I needed. My orgasm torpedoed into my body, wracking me from skin to marrow, before blowing me completely apart. I screamed as my core nearly broke his fingers off in its desperation to keep him inside me. I felt his own need batter my weakened senses. He was just gearing up and I was barely conscious.

Yes, I heard him seethe internally. Broken. Useless. Weak. Lovesick. My lttle fairy angel. Found my soul in Bumfuck, Louisiana.

I moaned, unsure if I was hearing actual thoughts, or just jagged pieces of his mood.

Needing an anchor to help me come down from my high, I reached out and gripped his biceps. There was absolutely no give in his flesh. It was like grabbing hold of two solid oak bannisters. “So strong,” I whispered mindlessly. “I fucking love how strong you are.”

“Not strong,” he muttered, prowling up my body and towards my face. “Crippled. Ruined.”

When I opened my eyes, I found love and accusation looking down at me. I smiled dopily. “You’re a day-walking vampire with the best blood source in town. Hardly the salt mines.”

He snorted softly. “You. Owe me several apologies.”

“Ain’t gonna happen.”

“They will. And then you’ll suck my cock until I forgive you.”

His conviction had all my bare skin bucking into his rough clothes. “You seem awfully sure.”

But he was already lifting away, taking all his lovely textures and warmth with him as he stood up and slowly undid his belt. Through his jeans, I could see the angry outline of his cock down one pant leg, so hard it was ready to split the seems. His expression was all business. I was just another red mark in his ledger that needed to blow her way back into the black. I owed him. Eric always got what he was owed.

I bit my lip and pouted on principle. With my lower lip stuck out, I slowly got to my knees in front of him. “I’m still not sorry,” I snipped at him. I was always happy to give him head. I was less thrilled if he was going to see it as a mea culpa. I’m sure he could feel as much in my head. I was projecting pretty loudly.

His own mind betrayed nothing. He simply reached out and caressed a piece of my hair, looping it playfully. “Too many words are in your mouth and not enough dick.”

I inhaled sharply.

He took himself out, enough wood to ram his way through a drawbridge. “Suck me.”

Despite my indignation, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as frightening and vulnerable at the same time. He was a pale pillar of solid rock, and yet, he was exposed. I’m sure I was one in a thousand girls that had seen him fully clothed with his dick swinging out, but I knew that everything he did with me had a newness about it that made us both almost shy. Almost. I wet my lips. “You’re beautiful.”

He blinked. “You’re stalling.”

I reached up and traced the thick vein running the underside of his shaft. Gently. It would take a million years to get him off like that. I brought my tongue very slowly to the head, touching it carefully with a soft, introductory lick. “I love you.”

I heard his teeth grinding. He wanted to fuck. I closed my eyes and let my tongue wander limply over the smooth bell. No lips. “Dontchu love me back?”

His willpower took a beating. He hated denying me. “I said quit talking.” His voice was clear, but not forceful like he wanted. “Do as I say.”

I splayed my hands wide over his loosened jeans and pulled them down slowly, until they pooled at his shins. I kissed his penis, pressing my lips chastely against his slit. “You don’t love me,” I pouted in a small, sad little voice.

Fury rose up in him. I was fulla shit and he knew it. But he also couldn’t stand the cruel little word darts that sliced into his heart and made him bleed. I was kissing and hitting below the belt.

Mean girl,” he hissed softly.

I opened my mouth and took a single inch, painting it thoroughly with my tongue, then pulling back. I smothered my glee and tried to manufacture as much dejection as I could muster, slathering his harsh façade with it, blatantly trying to erode his lesson. “Poor Sookie,” my voice wallowed in self-pity. “Her vampire doesn’t care about her. He only wants a blow.”

I didn’t give him a chance to deny it. Instead, I grabbed his hips and swallowed him whole. He went rigid under my hands, his hips bucking and his stance automatically broadening. Good to know I could still take a Viking by surprise.

Sookie.” My name was a plea. A denial. A refusal that I was anything other than fucking adored.

I went crazy. No slow and sensual for Eric. Instead he got hot, horny, slobbering fangirl all over his dick. My eyes were wide as I locked them on his. I was choking myself on him. And how. They could chip it on my tombstone, for all I cared.

Here Lies Sookie Stackhouse
Friend, Fairy, Fangirl
Died As She Lived- Deep-throating Eric

His groans were getting me excited again, despite my train wreck orgasm. His girth was making my cheeks sore. His brain was pulsing with how much he loved me. Even something as silly as my teasing had made him forget his disciplinary plan and had him gushing devotion into our bond. He buried his hands in my hair, cradling my head. Fucking. Adored. Me.

My hands Lit up and I moaned.

As usual, my Light wanted to show Eric just how appreciated his affection was. I had almost no control over it, it was like trying to direct a fire hose all by myself. I tightened my hold on his hips, my light bulb hands tantalizing his skin.

He whimpered his thanks. “Yes,” he purred happily. “Fuck yes.”

Buzzing with electricity, I ran my fingers down the powerful stacks of his legs, ghosting my nails behind his knees, relishing in his flinch as I tickled him.

It gave me an idea.

I read somewhere that the knees have more nerve endings in them than any other body part. Getting shot there was supposed to be liquid agony. Listening to him moan and growl as I swallowed him over and over, I wondered if the opposite applies with getting shot by a fairy dose of orgasm.

Don’t blink, I told myself.

Sucking hard on the downstroke and matching every atom of love that he gave me, I shot him directly in both kneecaps.

I didn’t blink. I saw the whole thing. Light detonated in his legs, illuminating them before rocketing up both thighs, where they merged into a ball and propelled up his torso and into his heart. Every muscle in his body turned to steel.

His head shot back. “SOOKIIIIIE!” he bellowed at the sky.

He exploded in my mouth. I remembered enough to keep my cheeks soft, using my tongue to clean him lovingly as he came in hard, gasping thrusts. I brought my hands back up to his hips to keep him for falling backwards. He was trembling so hard, I started to worry that maybe I’d actually hurt him.

I tapped our bond and gently prodded his mind. What I found didn’t allay my fears. He was a total blank. As he stood, gasping for air on instinct, I couldn’t feel anything in him except shock, like I’d short-circuited his whole system.

With one last, gentle pull, I released him from my mouth, kissing just above his pubic bone. “Eric?”

I yelped when he collapsed to his knees in front of me, his face even paler than usual as he stared at me, his mouth a little round O.

I laughed nervously. “So. Am I forgiven?” Normally I wouldn’t have conceded that I need forgiveness, but right now, I just wanted him to talk.

He closed him mouth. Then grabbed my face and pressed my lips into his, muttering the whole time. “Love you,” kiss. “Need you,” kiss. “Yours,” kiss. “Kill for you…die for you,” kiss. “Anything you ask for…yours…ask,” kiss. “Take,” kiss.

I smiled into his mouth. “I’m still waitin’ on my daisies.”

Vague disbelief arced from him. He still wasn’t one-hundred percent yet. “Not enough,” he rasped. “Ask. A castle. A country. The moon. The oceans. Every diamond on earth. Ask.”

I chuckled wryly, pushing him onto his bare ass and climbing onto his partially-clothed lap. I knew he was dead serious. What he could afford, he would give me. What he couldn’t, he’d steal. Even the moon wasn’t safe from his clever cupidity.

“Well,” I touched my chin, thinking it over, while my other hand traveled into his hair and proceeded to set his nerve endings atingle. The purr of a well-fed lion answered my petting. Heh. “I suppose, after I get my daisies, I’d liiiiiike…” I looked at him coyly. “Dinner? A movie?”

“Fucking hell, little girl,” he growled softly. “I offer you the world and you want steak and popcorn?”

“I imagine you’ve got access to some pretty awesome steak and popcorn.”

“The Hope Diamond. It’s yours.”

“Ew. Pass.”

“A Ferrari.”

“On my dirt road? With that low carriage?”

“The governor’s mansion.”

I laughed out loud. “It’s in Baton Rouge.”

He put his arms around me and huffed. “Ridiculous,” he muttered.

I rubbed his arms and burrowed tighter into them. “I have you. What else do I need?”

He nosed under my chin and inhaled deeply. “You are all of those things and more to me. I feel… inadequate in comparison. You won’t let me equalize us. I have more money than you could ever spend. Why won’t you?”

I snorted, my hand moving to stroke the nape of his neck. The collar of his t-shirt was soft. He was softer. “First of all, shut up. Second, I’m pretty sure the moon’s not for sale.”

“Everything’s for sale.”

“Kindly see my first point,” I chided him.

We held each other for a little while. The sun was officially hot now. It beat on my back as we continued to rock slightly. Eric was still buried under my chin, hardly moving except when his chest inflated, inhaling my scent over and over.

I swallowed. “We need to talk now.”


“Claudine said a mouthful.”


I nodded. “Can we go inside? I need new clothes.” Just like I’d needed new ones every six hours since agreeing to be Eric’s.

He nodded in return. Silently, he disentangled us and stood. After closing up his fly, he offered me his hand and I took it, every bit as naked as he was clothed.

Eric looked far away as he gazed at my sun-drenched skin. After taking in every last inch, he tugged my hand towards the house. “I won’t live another thousand years,” he said quietly. “You’ll kill me long before then.”

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