Chapter 5


I had expected to wake up and find her standing nervously in the foyer, too polite and unassuming to venture further into my home alone. Or at most, find her sitting ramrod straight on a chair in the living room, ankles crossed, hands in lap, watching the doors until I entered.

How often I seemed to forget how wonderfully presumptuous this woman was.

I opened my eyes and found her curled up in my favorite chair, as deep and inappropriate in my home as I could have dared hope. Bare feet. Virgin white dress that instantly made me see red. Eyes that were a thousand miles away. She looked so soft and irresistible, I wanted to eat her alive.

But I didn’t move. I didn’t want to upset her train of thoughts. Something had given her the resolution to march up here and sit patiently by my side. I was curious to find out what that was.

Finally, she came back to me. Christ, how dark her eyes were in this light. So unlike the rest of her. The fire I loved lived in them. So little and so strong, she had all the destructive power and frailty of a matchbook, this girl. The contrast drove me insane.

Then she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. She offered herself to me. Completely. She demanded I become monogamous to her. An interesting term, one that had me purring with interest. My Sookie was greedy, she said. I was only to fuck and feed with her. Given that all other blood and sex had become unpalatable to me in the last few months, I found her stipulations almost laughable. I finally had full access to the woman who drove my fangs and cock wild with desire, why would I want anyone else?

Speaking of desire, I saw no reason to wait a moment longer. She had offered. I planned to take.

She was under me in a flash. No resistance. Merely wide eyes and breathy requests for me to promise my fidelity. I gave it to her. Gladly. She’d had it long before that night.

Now it was time to collect.

I fisted both hands on either side of her dress hem, gathering it up, then tearing it right down the middle. She jerked at the sound.


“Hush,” I commanded, the tear slowly exposing her torso to me.

“I love this dress!” She sounded breathless.

“I’ll buy you every dress in Louisiana,” I informed her sternly. “You’ll need them, I’m going to tear every one of them from your body.”

She shuddered beneath me as the tear completed at the neckline and fell open on either side of her. Her beautiful, golden skin welcomed me under it, her pink panty set doing frightening things to my self-control. “Yes,” I purred darkly. “Never wear anything you value in front of me again.”

She gasped when I moved in a blur, her bra and panties mere shreds lost somewhere in my sheets. Her eyes were wide, almost frightened, but not quite. She moved to hide her glorious nudity from me and I growled low in disapproval. “No.”

“But,” she whimpered softly.


She gave me a plaintive look and let her hands fall away from her body. She closed her eyes slowly and swallowed. She was trying to calm down. I admired her for her bravery. Humans in her position beneath me had often become hysterical with fear or anticipation. She breathed deeply and looked up at me. “What do you want first? I mean, I can feed you if you’re hungry, or – ”

I gripped my cock and ran it teasingly along her sweet little folds. Wet heat greeted me and I hissed loudly over her strangled cry of surprise. “Later,” I gritted harshly. I needed inside her. Now. That would make everything better. I’d be able to think clearly once I’d taken her. I’d also be able to control my feeding better once I’d slaked my overwhelming desire to fuck her senseless. To attempt to feed beforehand might prove dangerous for her.

I played with her, purposefully sliding over her clit and making her squirm. “So wet for me, Sookie,” I goaded her.

She cursed in frustration, lifting up into my hips. “You’re no better off,” she challenged, looking down at my raging hard-on. The sight of us together so intimately filled her face with wonder, despite her pride. She ran her tan fingers down my pale chest, stopping to stroke my hipbone experimentally. Her mouth fell open with longing and her chin tipped back with pleasure. Suddenly she was nothing but sweet acceptance. “Please, Eric. Don’t tease.”

Her words did something odd to me. Instead of increasing her frustration, instead of taunting her further, my combativeness melted and I lowered my lips to her cheek. “Yes, lover,” I relented. I pushed gently inside her and we both broke into shuddering moans. She was tight. Unusually so. Her young muscles stretched gloriously around me, yielding to me as I pressed deeper. Carefully, I pulled back, wanting to ease into her slowly. Unlike the used-up fang bangers I was accustomed to, her youthful inexperience meant her sweet tightness sucked me gently as I withdrew. White light exploded behind my eyes at the sensation. I swore in my ancient language, dropping my head to her shoulder and inhaling as her Fae scent increased with her arousal.

Sookie sobbed softly underneath me and my eyes snapped open. I stilled inside her and looked her in the eye. “I’m hurting you?”

She shook her head violently and wrapped her legs around my thighs, her arms encircling my back. She threw her face into the crook of my neck and whispered, “You’re scaring me. You feel so good.” And with that, she pressed herself earnestly to me, hugging me.

Hugging me. Not a desperate clutch or a pleasure-drugged wrap, but a hug. It was filled with loving sincerity and I lost my mind to it. She was loving me. I wrapped my arms around her back, drove to the hilt inside her and roared as it felt like-

“Home,” I moaned into her hair. “I’m home.”

“Yes,” she agreed desperately. “More. Please don’t stop.”

I stroked into a steady pace and pulled back to look at her. “You will give yourself to me every night, do you hear me, Sookie Stackhouse?” My command sounded pleading, even to my own ears. “You will open yourself to me. You will come for me. Just like this, every night. Say it.”

I bent and sucked a perfect nipple into my mouth, my fangs grazing along her flesh as my tongue swirled and pulled. I hoped to pull any objection right out of her head by teasing her body. “Yes,” I heard above me. “You’ll fuck me every night, Eric Northman. I don’t care if you want to or not.”

I growled in unbridled lust. “Say my name again,” I ordered, loving how she sounded now that my cock was buried so happily inside her. “Moan it.”

“Eric,” she drew out in her pretty little drawl.


Errric.” Even sweeter.

My grip tightened around her. “My name. My dick and my blood inside you, sweet Fae. The shifter, the were, the fucking ex of yours. I’ll kill every one of them. They’ll never have you. Never!

Her eyes widened and I saw their names flit through her mind. Sam. Alcide. Compton. I knew they all loved her. I saw it in their pathetic puppydog glances at her. I knew they all wanted what I had now, this naked angel crying out as I found paradise in her heartbreaking pussy. And I meant it. I planned to rip them apart, as soon as I found the strength to leave her side.

She knew it, too. She pushed me onto my back, never breaking stride, until she was straddling me, increasing our pace. I hissed with pleasure. She kissed me hard, pushing her tongue against my fangs. “Don’t you dare,” she retorted hotly. Her inner muscles squeezed me in reprimand and I groaned as it delivered the opposite effect. I bucked up in response.

“You’re mine,” I claimed angrily.

“Yes,” she peppered baby kisses down my throat. It constricted against such unexpected, loving treatment. “And you cannot kill to keep me, baby. I forbid it.”

I ignored how the way she said ‘baby’ made me shiver with warmth, when it usually irked me when other women used it. “No one forbids me. Not even you.”

“You won’t kill them,” she bit down on my collarbone, emphasizing her point, “or I’ll leave you.”

I grasped her hips firmly and began fucking her furiously from below. “Never!” I spat.

She cried out and pumped faster, in unison with me. “Then forget them. Forget them and just be with me.”

I sat up beneath her. It was time. The thought of other men and the sight of her riding me so enthusiastically drained the last of my patience.

“I want your blood, Sookie. I want you in me.”

She looked down into my eyes and smiled in the way I had coveted for so long. Her fingers fanned into my hair. I felt her pleasure as she cradled my head. “Drink from me.”

I rumbled my appreciation and buried my face between her stunning breasts. I’d fed from her throat before. I’d fed from her wrist. Now, I wanted it from somewhere far more profound. I bit her breast as delicately as a human would a peach. My lips sealed over the first mouthful of blood and I roared against her. Fang and cock, I was finally, completely sheathed in her. My emotional controls were blown apart as heartrending devotion tore through my being. My beloved sobbed against me, clutching my throat in the cups on her palms.

Yes!” she sobbed into my hair, riding me harder, her release imminent.

And I was drowning in the most delectable flavor a vampire had ever known. The Fae in Sookie was increasing by the second, her taste becoming even sweeter and more harmonious to me. But it was so much more than that. Something was happening. Her blood and her lovemaking were causing fiery fissures in my chest and neck. I locked my arms around her back and yanked her harder against me, drawing deeper from her wound. I felt her core clench tightly and she screamed my name as she came, clutching me tightly by the neck. Light was building in the space between us. In my delirium, I barely saw it. But soon it was as compelling as Sookie’s scream and I was blinded by the burst of brilliant energy radiating from her hands on either side of my throat.

SOOKIE!” I bellowed her name and used all of my strength to keep her against me, terrified she had lost control and was blasting me from her arms and into the room next door. I exploded inside her, all of my longing and lust shooting into her eager body as she and I rode out the last of our violent tremors together. Her Light did not repel me. I was too grateful to notice that instead it absorbed under my skin and disappeared into my chest. I gasped and shuddered roughly against her, extremely satisfied that not once had she let go of me.

When our frenzy finally eased, I lifted my head and gazed at her breasts. My bite was trickling slightly. I gently licked her clean and sealed the wound, but I did not let my own blood to heal it. She would keep my mark. To remind her.

I looked up into her face. Her eyes were heavily lidded. She was still breathing faster than normal. She’d gone lax in my arms, limply straddling and holding me close. I brushed my nose against hers. “My angel,” I murmured, partly questioning, partly the pure fucking truth.

” ‘m okay,” she whispered to me. She kissed me in reassurance. We stayed that way awhile. I was happy to just touch her face with mine, scenting her and using our blood bond from the other night to listen to her sated mood.

She was thinking along the same lines. “I didn’t drink from you,” she noted softly, angling me so that I lay down, bringing her with me.

I smiled very softly. Her eyes lit up more at its presence. “Another time. We will bond soon enough. For now, I am content.”

She hummed throatily and shifted closer into my side. “You’re warm,” she said idly, rubbing my chest and stomach. “Very warm.”

I chuckled. “Your blood is magical, lover. As is your tight little pussy. You’ve thawed me.”

She slapped at me and clucked her tongue. “Language, mister. I won’t have you talking filthy to me.”

I chuckled harder and pulled her head under my lips, kissing her crown hard. “I am filthy, sweet one. You’ll have to learn to accept it.”

“Humph!” she snorted prettily, lifting her head to look at me. “So when do you cool down? Now that we’re finished?”

“Later,” I answered. “Blood and sex always warms us. Slightly.” It seemed odd she would mention it, given her previous vampire lover. Perhaps I felt warmer than Bill after the act. No matter. I had very little interest in thinking about it. I merely tucked her head back under my chin and splayed my hands wide over her slender back. It wouldn’t be long before I needed her again. I may not have lasted anywhere near as long as I’d boasted to her in Fangtasia’s basement (she broke my control in a way Yvetta could only dream), but that didn’t mean I couldn’t recover in minutes. Until then, I would hold her. I would comfort her.

Before this night was through, I would have Sookie in every way imaginable.

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5 comments on “Chapter 5

  1. theladykt says:

    oooh yummy times. The light was def interesting twist. Happy Lemon dance!!!

  2. chileah says:

    very interesting turn of events for Eric. I loved it. m’kay gotta move on to next chapter. see you soon. lol

  3. hartvixen123 says:

    Loving this story. I can’t wait to find out if the light has more significance. Great chapter!

  4. gwynwyvar says:

    Wow. I’ve forgotten so much of this story.
    Forgot those light blasts. Very nice first time though.
    So good to see them together after what happened at the end of season 3. This really is so much better than the eventual waste of possibilities the show and books gave us!
    Next chapter. Woohoo!

  5. geenakmom says:

    Holy hotness!! What an amazing first time for them! And her light?

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