Chapter 7


I dreamed of her all day. Torturous, yearning dreams. I would have her in my arms, sweet and yielding and whispering my name, and then the dream would shift and she escaped me. Stranded in a darkness my excellent eyesight could not penetrate, she’d giggle from far away. Impatience gnawed at me. I needed her and she wasn’t there.

I called for her over and over. Finally, her lips answered me, but with no words.

Thousands of kisses besieged me. My head tipped back and I groaned in pleasure. I felt no worry about my vulnerable sleeping state. I didn’t give a fuck, as a matter of fact. All that mattered was that, in some way, however faint, she was cherishing me.

I lay in the ether, enjoying her attentions from afar.

And then suddenly her attentions became much less innocent.

Suddenly, slick, soft heat enveloped my cock and sucked me within an inch of my undead existence. My mind roared in disbelief and furious pleasure. The sheer insolence of this girl! Fucking a man with her mouth when he had no ability to retaliate.

For the first time in decades, I actively fought against my nocturnality. As my little Fae made love to me with her unbearably soft tongue, I tried to drag myself out of my daily hibernation. The sun pushed back, filling my limbs with lead. My survival instincts treacherously defied my command to back down and let me rise while light was still a threat.

I could not wake. My rage bellowed inside my skull.

Meanwhile, my agitation manifested itself between her lips. I grew harder. I grew desperate. In the impenetrable fog, she whispered to me.

“Come for me, Eric. Lemme taste you.”

Saucy, wayward, wicked little fairy.

I obeyed. Goddamn her and her influence over me. I obeyed and came blindingly hard into her irresistible mouth. She held me through my unconscious climax, filling my groin with vibrating approval from her throat. Only when she’d had my last drop did she release me.

“Sweet dreams,” I heard softly.

I wondered fleetingly if it was wise to let someone as enslaving as her live. She had too much thrall over me already. I had taken the calculated risk of dying for the day beside her, now she was casting spells over me as I lay helpless. Fae spells. Ones of such strong erotic power that they overcame my strongest resistance.

I was fast becoming…besotted.

It was a serious concern.

But visions of her death nearly broke me in half. The taking of her life was most certainly not an option. No more than turning her was. She wasn’t completely of this world, after all. If I turned her and kept her for eternity, I’d lose so many pieces of her that made her Sookie. Her unearthly blood. Her warmth. Her human quirks. Her golden color. Even the very smell of her skin would fade into nothing. It was unacceptable.

Cursing my fortune, I fell back into the black.


I was warm when I awoke. So much so, that without opening my eyes, my arms went in search of the source of my borrowed temperature.

“Sookie,” I murmured by my beloved’s name, slithering through the sheets like any cold-blooded creature seeking its basking rock.

I frowned, finding nothing but cold silk.

I opened my eyes and searched the dim room. She wasn’t there. I tapped our weak bond and expanded my search.

She wasn’t in the house.

She wasn’t even in the city.

I found her roughly in the distance of Bon Temps.

My eyes widened. She was gone. Gonegonegone.

Ugly, angry agitation engulfed me.

I threw back the sheets, reaching for my phone with a full mind to call and rebuke her, when I caught sight of myself and froze.

I blinked. Their vibrant redness was most startling. I sat up slightly to get a better look at them. Slowly—entirely against my own will—I cracked a smile. I fought it. I wished to stay angry, but it yanked at the corners of my mouth until I was grinning outright. My darling hellcat had found a way to lay claim to me. I inhaled and pulled in the smell of cheap lipstick and priceless fairy saliva. I felt absolutely smug with certainty that never, ever had she pulled this stunt with…the other vampire in her life.

Catching sight of my cock, I snarled with exasperation. My dream that wasn’t a dream came flooding back to me. She’d blown me. She’d fucking blown my brains out and she’d done so while I was in no state to fully appreciate her ministrations. I could still feel her there, pulling and teasing my immobile anatomy and sighing with pleasure when she forced my climax out of me.

It sprang back to life at the memory, pulsing so hotly that I gasped.

I groped for my phone. She’d answer for this. My hand struck a piece of paper instead and I snatched it up and brought it level to my gaze.

I’ve counted them. If any are missing next time I see you, I’ll never have sex with you again.

P.S. Pam is seriously pissed at you. You better check in.
P.P.S. Thanks for breakfast in bed. You taste better than pancakes.


I roared with frustration. How dare she leave me like this!

My body was covered in kisses, my cock had been sucked by an angel, and everything was saturated in the addictive smell of a Fae in heat.

And there wasn’t a goddamn thing I could do about it.

I was throbbing. Desperate. I needed her. I needed her so fucking bad. My attempts to clear my head by bedding her last night had backfired horribly and I was worse off than ever before. I was not sated, I was hooked.

And then she had the audacity to cocktease me in my sleep, then leave me. Just fucking leave me!

Oh, when I got my hands on that girl…

My eyes rolled and I gripped my aching cock. When I got my hands on that girl. I gave myself one stiff squeeze, a tiny respite, before I let go. Yes. I had many plans for when I caught her. All that sunkissed skin and loving heat. And when I caught her, she could bet that I’d take my time. But in the meantime, I wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of jerking off mere hours after I’d had her. She wouldn’t break me that easily. I was ancient. I had more control than that.

Quickly, I got out of bed and scanned myself in the mirror. One hundred and thirty-seven. My lover had marked me exactly 137 times. I dressed carefully. I knew my clothing would smear many of their lovely shapes, but it couldn’t be helped. I chose a t-shirt to cover most of them, and I regretfully washed my cheeks, neck and hands of the eleven that she had placed there. I didn’t want to, but I needed to see Pam and I wasn’t about to let her see how tolerant I was of my new human’s mischief making.

As I tried to leave my home, I had to stop several times. She hadn’t just passed through these halls. She’d fondled them. She’d outright molested them. I threw myself against the walls, inhaling deeply, cursing her name as I throbbed hotly behind my zipper. She’d been happy when she’d pressed herself into them. Her scent invisibly sparkled with desire and naughtiness. She clearly had no idea how reckless it was to torture me like this. My longing to hold her was so great that, were she here now, I’d have feared for her safety.

I made it to my front door and grabbed my coat. It sang with her scent and I nearly screamed. I wouldn’t be free of her, even away from these walls. She’d run herself across every inch of the leather, driving me mad with the ghost of her lust. I wanted to tear the damn thing into pieces, venting my frustration since I couldn’t act on my impulse to fuck her blind. Cursing again, I shoved myself into it. As badly as she tested me, it was better to live with her sweet torture than not.

I flew off. Pam and I had to speak. I landed at Fangtasia at eight and entered through the employee door.

She was behind the bar stocking bottles when I entered. She felt me arrive and turned, irritation radiating off of her.

“Where the hell have you been? You didn’t think to call and tell me you weren’t—,”

She froze. She inhaled sharply.

I held my ground and waited. My scent was now mixed with a potent aphrodisiac. Fae blood rolled through my body. Fae sex coated my skin. Even at their most unwilling and enraged, fairy scent narcotized even the oldest vampire. Sookie had been aroused and fired up, her scent made all the sweeter with her consent.

Pam’s chin tilted and her fangs dropped. “Where is she?”

I moved forward and threatened her with my most chilling gaze. “Retract them or I’ll rip them out.”

“Sookie,” she purred, looking me up and down in a way that Pam never appraised men. “You’ve had her, then. You’ve had every luscious inch of her.”

“Pam,” I growled low. “She is mine. You will obey me and concede.”

Her eyes were hazy. I wasn’t completely sure she had heard me, much less heeded me.

“Say it,” I ordered.

She blinked and retracted her fangs regretfully. “Sookie is yours,” she acknowledged.

I nodded and uncoiled myself. I rarely struck Pam. It had been ages, in fact. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t prepared to beat her half to death to get her to submit to my wishes. In this case, my human was not to be passed around.

She huffed in annoyance. “Your willpower is commendable. How did you enjoy her without killing her?”

“This is not up for discussion. She is mine and she is protected. That’s all you need to know.”

“But her scent,” she whispered reverently, leaning towards me to sniff. “I want to lick you clean. Even Compton didn’t smell this delicious with her.”

Jealousy and victory rose up in my throat. Pam was right. Compton may have smelled of Sookie, but her scent had not dazzled us to the point of distraction when he walked in. I leered in triumph. Her scent on me was pure siren song.

“Get your own fucking Fae, Pam,” I warned. “You will not covet mine.”

She huffed again and gave up. “Very well. Miser.”

She turned away from me and picked up a ledger by the till, tossing it to me. “The week’s takings. You also need to choose a replacement for Yvetta.”

I caught the book easily. At the mention of the dancer, I shrugged indifferently. “Put out an ad. Choose whomever you like.”

She looked at me quizzically. “You always choose.”

My apathy was palpable. I had Sookie now. I didn’t give a fuck about potential meals with slim legs and passable talents on a pole. “You have shares in this bar. It’s your turn. Select some AB negative tart with decent tits. Treat yourself.”

My evasion didn’t fool her. Perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen so shrewd a progeny. She inhaled again and struck at my unspoken worry.

“You’ve agreed to some girlish, ridiculous request for monogamy, haven’t you? You’re infatuated with her.”

“Silence, Pam.”

“Oh, I don’t believe it.” Her voice dripped with distaste. She put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes at the ceiling. “Seriously, Eric? Is her blood that emasculating? Does the moon rise from her cunt?”

I sent her flying across the room and into a wall. “Silence!”

She didn’t yield. “And what of your reputation? You have duties. Will this become a habit? You being so entranced by her that you forget everything else?” She fearlessly stood her ground. “You belong here, Eric, not dick-deep in a tinkerbell every single night.”

I had her by the throat in a flash. “Where I put my dick is none of your concern.”

We stared at each other, child and maker, for several seconds.

Her face softened. “You misunderstand me. I’m pleased you’re happy, even with such an odd creature as Sookie. Just don’t lose yourself in her. I won’t have you turn into Compton.”

I released her and cupped her cheeks affectionately. “I am not weak, dear one. I’ve wanted this Fae for a long time. I plan to savor my possession of her. But I’ll never succumb to her like a sickness, Pam. You have my word.”

She smiled wanly and turned her lips into my palm, kissing it loyally. “She is rare, your tickerbell,” she granted. “I’m glad she has submitted to you.”

I smiled indulgently. “She needs me. She desires me. She is better off with us.”

Pam nodded. Of course she was. Compton was a hair above useless. Pam and I were formidable enemies against those who would threaten my Fae.

Pam removed herself from my hands and sashayed over to a barstool, taking a seat. “Your acquisition has a heavy price tag. We have no way of knowing how many people are aware of her now. She could be captured and sold. She could be annexed by any monarch or the Magister. Or she could simply be killed to provoke you. Weres have been sighted in the woods near Bon Temps. No one knows whom they work for. And new vamps were in here last night. I wasn’t able to watch them properly. The humans were too distressed about your absence. Their behavior was irritating. And they stink of cat piss when they’re unhappy.”

She eyed me ruefully.

I chuckled. “I’ll be here tonight. Sookie has foolishly gone home. I need to secure her. But I’ll be back at eleven. Circulate rumors that I’m out hunting.”

She snorted and I flashed my blunt teeth. “That always gets them excited.”

She bowed her head in acceptance. “Tell Sookie that I honor your claim. I will protect her in your name, should the circumstance arise.”

I inclined my head in the ancient signal of approval. “You are precious to me, Pam. There will never be a better child than you.”

She took my words in pleased silence as I turned for the door.

It was true, my Fae did need protecting. But more than that, my Fae needed to be fucked until I split her in half in retribution for her taunting desertion. She needed to learn she wasn’t safe when she wasn’t with me. She needed to learn that she wasn’t allowed to leave when I wasn’t fucking finished with her. Her blood and pussy were my property, she had no business endangering them.

So, so many lessons I had to reinforce, and I needed to teach them while pumping into her delectable body and getting drunk on her screams.

I flew off again, filling my head with these visions, ignoring the niggling fact that what I wanted most of all was her smile.

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7 comments on “Chapter 7

  1. theladykt says:

    ROFL for her teasing E that way. Love the note.

    Aww for sad Pammy not getting to taste the faery. hee hee.

    hmmm his demands at the end are going to be interesting to see how Sookie reacts to them.

  2. chileah says:

    Mr. Northman can come over and teach me his many lessons anytime

  3. hartvixen123 says:

    I can’t get enough of this story. Love it!

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    it makes me smile when eric says that what he wants most of all is her smile…..aahhh!!!…..

  5. gwynwyvar says:

    Missing 11 kisses. Only 126 now.

    Love his reaction to her scent traces. And yay for Pam not being a total bitch!

  6. gwynwyvar says:

    Sookie is in trouble! But then so is Eric for washing away her kisses 😉
    And Pam nearly got herself in trouble lol.
    Trouble all round!

  7. geenakmom says:

    I love her note! And 137 kisses, too fun!

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