Chapter 9


I made love to her three more times before I dragged myself away from her.

I had to.

I knew I should have held off and spoken to her about more important things, like her request, like my warnings about strangers with candy out in her woods, but my willpower had been stomped to death the moment I’d flown into the city limits.

I’d taken a serious hit when I was a mile away from her house. Slicing through the air at my usual speed, my senses were suddenly assaulted and I lost my concentration.

I regrouped and took a disbelieving inhalation.

Sookie was in the air. And she was pure sugar. She nearly had me falling from the sky as surely as if she’d shot me down with a missile.

I knew from our quiet bond that she was probably sleeping, but at the same time, she was horny as hell and broadcasting that she desperately needed me to come and take care of it. Unfortunately, she was also letting every supe in Louisiana know that the most irresistible woman in the world needed to be fucked.

My instincts responded without me. I broke the sound barrier getting to her house and nearly blew it down in my fury to get to her.

And then she stole whatever was left of my soul.

She’d been sleeping on the rug I’d chosen specifically for making love to her. I could smell how wet she was when she leapt to her feet. One of my shirts hung provocatively from her shoulders. Bruises dusted her skin from last night. Upon seeing me, her pupils ate her irises and her hands lit up in a way that my vampire instincts recognized as hostile Fae posture.

The fact that she was geared up to fight me made my bloodlust howl with delight. She was welcome to resist me if she wanted, but I was going to win and I was going to take my spoils on that very rug when I did.

I really should know better by now. My Fae will never bore me with predictability.

She shot me again. And again my body absorbed her Light and I felt crushed as my desire for violence was tempered by a frightening need to devote my entire being to Sookie’s happiness.

“Mine,” she whispered over my scream, and I knew I’d wisely chosen my equal.

I took her. Hard. Just as she took me.

Only as we lay in the afterglow were we finally able to speak rationally.

She curled up on top of me, locking me inside of her as she did so.

I chuckled. “Do you want more?” I asked, rolling myself inside her.

She shook her head lazily. “Not yet. But you can’t leave, either.”

I nodded and cupped her flawless ass, bearing her down until she had all of me. “Then I won’t.” She made a little squeak of effort. She was still conspicuously snug for me. She was still getting used to me, even when we lay quietly.

“Tell me more about this dream,” I said, looking for a distraction from that alluring fact.

I felt her fingertip idly explore the shell of my ear. “It wasn’t a dream. My people came to me again. They said they felt a shift in the vampire world.”

I tilted my head, encouraging her finger. “And the shift was ours, you say. That we have connected somehow.”

She nodded under my chin. “More than a connection. They say we’ve bonded. That since I’ve Chosen you and you’ve consented to it, we are now bonded in the Faery way.”

I smiled indulgently. “Am I to grow wings and trail glitter?”

“Shut up, buster. This is serious.”

I turned very serious when I considered an ugly possibility. “Did you share this Light with Compton?”

“No,” she clung to me jealously. “Thank God.”

I relaxed under her and she in turn softened her grip. I did not speak of my intention to butcher him if that had been the case. I couldn’t bear the thought of my fairy parting her extraordinary favors to such a pedestrian vampire as Compton. He wasn’t worth it. I struggled to think of a single creature outside of myself who was.

I moved back to our discussion.

“Tell me your thoughts, lover. What has you feeling so anxious?”

Our second blood bond had given me greater access to her feelings and right now she was equal parts of contentment, desire and worry. Selfish as I am, I gloated brashly. I felt spoiled rotten that all of those emotions revolved around me.

She continued. “It’s the Light. I keep shooting you with it, but it’s not the usual fairy WMD kind of light. It’s not a weapon. They said it was a gift. That you need to be prepared and my Light was a gift.”

I thought of my promise to her our first night together. I would not keep her in the dark. I felt exposed as I mused out loud to her. I wasn’t used to showing my hand. “I feel differently,” I admitted. “Nothing extreme, but I am obviously warmer, and when you shoot me, I immediately feel compelled towards you. More than I can explain in words.”

Her head lifted and I met her gaze. I volunteered another piece of information I’d just as soon keep secret. “When I’m with you, my attachment to you rivals that which I had for Godric.”

Sookie expelled a disbelieving burst of air. She understood the severity of such a statement and I was pleased. I felt treacherous even thinking such a thing. She did not smile. She cupped my cheek and reciprocated. “When I’m with you, I can’t see anything else. The love I had for Bill, even Gran, they don’t compare to what I feel for you.”

She didn’t say that she loved me again, exactly. I didn’t press. I considered the possibility that I had torn the sentiment from her before she was willing to tell me. I also knew that humans often misspoke during copulation, mistaking biological lust for emotional regard. I didn’t, however, put much stock in the second option. Sookie had sounded to angry and annoyed at her declaration. I made her love me, she’d said. That was hardly a throwaway comment. Indeed, it sounded perfectly tailored, fitting every bizarre angle of our relationship.

That meant I had her love. More than she’d given to her dearest family.

I lifted my head and nuzzled her face. “Little angel,” I grunted softly. “I don’t believe in your god, but if he does exist, he will forgive all my sins, simply for having lain in your arms.”

Her side of our bond melted and she smiled, kissing my nose. “I doubt I have that much sway with Him. But I do believe he sent Godric to immortalize you so that I could have you a thousand years later.”

“Are you saying I was made for you, Sookie?” I asked teasingly.

She nodded, smiling against my mouth and pecking it chastely. “Once by God, once by Godric. You were made twice just for me.”

I liked the idea. As did my cock. It was growing impatient, even as it lay nestled deep in its rightful place. I rocked her experimentally. She closed her eyes, arching in my hands.

“What happens at dawn, lover?” I whispered, moving her slowly.

Her locked her knees to the floor, using the leverage to lift up and down on my hips. Fucking hell, she contracted around me like a virgin. My fangs dropped. I forgot my question.

“I wish I’d found you years ago,” I whispered regretfully. “I could have had this for the last decade.”

She chuckled, concentrating on her rhythm. “I would have been sixteen. Pervert.”

I groaned, moving with her a fraction more. “The perfect age to teach you. I would have spent months on you, opening you up slowly. I would have spent hours simply licking your skin in amazement.”

I flipped us again. It was too much to imagine such a past while looking into her deliciously scandalized expression. I turned her on her belly, legs together, and holding all of my weight above her, slid into her from behind until the sweet globes of her ass filled the curve of my hips.

She moaned, turning her face to one side, her hands pressing into the soft rug beneath us, but not raising herself. Her closed thighs intensified the tightness of her pussy. I kept myself in a pushup position and began to thrust unrelentingly.

“You wouldn’t have been ready for this,” I hissed, forcing myself deep into my lover’s scorching heat. “I would have had to be patient. Coaxing your thighs apart, deflowering you with my mouth, adjusting you until you could accept me fully.”

Sookie made a sound of acute longing and tried to rise to her hands and knees, but I held her flat. “Feel the drag of the wool on your tits as I take you,” I instructed into her ear. “Enjoy your submission to me.”

“Bastard,” she cursed softly. “I fucking hate you.”

“You fucking love me,” I forgot myself in the thrill of goading her. “You love every inch of me, Sookie. Don’t you?”

I grabbed her hands and trapped them flat under mine. She was pinned in three places, crucified to the floor and wailing in ecstasy as I pumped harder.

“And you would have loved me then, too,” I spoke of her teenage self. “First, I’d slip a single finger inside you. I would have taught you to ride it without pain, to enjoy a man’s presence until you came against my hand.”

Sookie whimpered my name, raising her hips under my assault and asking for more as I pounded harder still. “Many nights later, I’d add a second, working you slowly, lover. And when you could finally take three, I would have opened you wide, replaced them with my dick, and taken your first fuck.”

She cried out, coming hard and squeezing me like a vise. I didn’t relent. I didn’t even slow down.

“That’s right,” I hissed. “I would have had you every night. My own little Lolita. You would have known no other man. And after I’d taken you a thousand times until you fit me just as you do now,” I leaned down and bit her neck with my blunt, human teeth, “I would have started all over again with your tight, virgin ass.”

She screamed beneath me, coming again, even harder than she had mere seconds ago. I came with her, the images I’d created too unbearable to take any longer.

She shuddered and sobbed quietly, riding out the last of her climax. I released her hands from under mine and scattered dozens of soothing kisses down her back, withdrawing carefully as I went. Such a fearless, fragile little thing, my Sookie.

“Made for me,” I murmured against her spine.

She shivered against my lips and I worried that I’d genuinely upset her. I tapped our bond. I was dismayed to find regret in her. I caged her from behind, willing comfort into her.

“I wish you’d been my first,” she said, burying her face into her forearms.

I immediately rolled her and swallowed her up in my arms. “I prefer that I’m your last,” I replied hotly.

She strangled my neck with her desperate little arms and I loosed my loudest purr, communicating my contentment. The motoring sounds made her smile against my shoulder. I nuzzled my face into her hair.

I had promised to be honest with her.

“I love you,” I admitted. “If what I felt for Godric was love, then I love you. More than anything.”

She molded her whole body to me, still shivering despite our twin warmth. “Come to me after three,” she repeated softly. “I’m going to show you how much I love you.”


I took her twice more before ten thirty showed its cruel face.

She was so pliant and happy that leaving her side felt like an amputation by silver. The pain almost blinded me.

Still beautifully nude, she laughingly shoved me back into my clothes, smoothing each hem until they settled against me.

“Pam will kill me,” she scolded me for balking. “Hurry up and go so you can come back on time.”

“Be careful,” I said. “The fence is for the weres. The voltage is fatal. Don’t go anywhere near it. It’s also galvanized with silver in case any vampires are stupid enough to touch it. Both it and the window shutters are set on a timer, which goes off every night at seven. Lock the door behind me.”

She rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “Yessir. Anything else?”

I bent low and scooped my wife beater that she’d swiped from my closet. “This comes with me.”

She crossed her arms over her bare breasts and pouted. “Why? I like it. And you have a million of them.”

Holding her gaze, I brought it to my face and inhaled deeply. “None of them smell like fairy come.”

She grabbed a throw pillow and launched it at my head. “Gross! Okay, you’re definitely giving it back to me now.”

I batted the pillow aside with no trouble and caught her by the wrists. She struggled, laughing and wiggling. I grinned hungrily and shoved her against a wall to still her enticing body.

“It’s mine. I’m taking it. Now be a good girl and wait for my return.”

She used our position to lift her leg and hike it up on my hip. She batted her dark eyes at me and simpered, “Yes, Eric. Anything you want.”

I growled warningly and kissed her hard, grinding her. “Damn you, woman.”

She broke my hold on her wrists and pushed me back playfully. “Hurry back.”

I made it to the door, only to turn back and stare at her. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

She grinned at my speechlessness and waved primly. “Have a good day at work, dear.”

What could I say to that? I turned away from her before I did something weak and took off towards Shreveport.

I landed at eleven exactly and morphed into the brooding, indifferent Sheriff of Area Five. It didn’t take much. Without Sookie, I was brooding and indifferent. I waltzed into my place. The crowd parted as I moved towards my throne. I heard fangs click all over the room. Perhaps it hadn’t been wise to immerse myself in vampires when I smelled like an exotic drug, but I didn’t care. Showering wouldn’t have removed the scent of her blood from my system, and it was my wish to keep her on me for my own comfort. And for my own vanity. Sookie had consented to be mine. Those who knew of her and of what she was could smell my link to her and know if they wanted her, they’d have me to contend with. Those who were ignorant of fairies could simply drool at the irresistible essence radiating off of me and envy me my secret stash of magical blood and sex.

I took a seat, glaring coldly at the crowd. My head inclined one inch to the left and Pam responded instantly, appearing at my side.

“Fool,” she spoke to me in Old Norse. A room full of vamps precluded whispered English. “You smell like sex and candy.”

I sneered gloatingly. “So what?” I answered in my native tongue. “Let them smell what they can never have.”

“Glad you’re so cocky,” she replied dryly. “What are you orders?”

“The weres in the Bon Temps woods. What is being done about them?”

“Our people are watching,” she answered. “Now that Sookie is home, it won’t take them long to circle her house.”

I nodded. “I want three of them. Alive. Have your fun with them first, if you like, but they’re to be in chains tomorrow night. What of the new vamps you mentioned?”

She waited politely while I backhanded a fawning human man that had dared to touch my wrist. His blood hit the air before he hit the floor. His adoring expression merely grew bigger as he exalted me from below. Jesus, I missed Sookie already. Why was the tiniest pixie in Louisiana the only creature who wasn’t afraid or in awe of me? She was the blast of salty sea air I missed so badly from the old country in this muggy, suffocating vacuum of Southern adulation.

“They’re around,” she resumed our discussion. “Would you like three of them in…pre-loved condition as well?”

I considered. “Are the operating together as a pack?”

“As far as I can see.”

“Then one should suffice. Bring me the mouthiest of them. Silver him alongside the weres,” I paused again. “Make sure he isn’t an emissary before you do. I’d rather we didn’t piss in anyone’s blood, should this prove politically motivated.”

She nodded, her severe ponytail slipping down her neck as she did. “Anything else?”

I settled back into my chair, my invisible cloak of deigning tolerance settled with me. “Send my shirts over to Sookie’s house. I want her to rub herself in all of them.”

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  1. theladykt says:

    oooh E the dirty talker is hawt hawt hawt.
    Love the confident Sookie teasing him.

    hmmm weres and new vamps circling. Can’t wait to see where they go with this.

  2. chileah says:

    ooohhhh can I rub myself in all of eric’s wife beaters. love this chapter glad to see that your sookie is trying to think things through before she just reacts.

  3. hartvixen123 says:

    I love Eric. I can only imagine Sookie’s reaction when she receives the shipment of Eric’s shirts 🙂
    I’m loving how confident and open Sookie is with Eric. Great chapter!

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    Loved this chapter hard!

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